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Motorhome Holidays in the USA
Some route suggestions for your motorhome holiday in the USA.

The Highlights of the Southwest
This route takes you to some of the most beautiful national parks on the planet! It is ideal for travellers who either have limited time available or are visiting the region for the first time.
Total driving distance: 2,643 miles
Motorhome Holidays Classic South West
Classic South West


Red Rock Territory
This tour is for fans of the wild west's famous red rock landscape. If you have enough time, we strongly recommend the drive to Moab (Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park)
Total driving distance: 2,139 Miles
Motorhome Holidays Intensive South West
Intensive South West


Our Favourite Route
Take your rental vehicle from/to Phoenix or from/to Las Vegas. This route takes you more or less off the beaten track. Santa Fe, with the famous Pueblo structures is a real highlight, as is the 'wild west' town of Durango. From the upper plateau in the Mesa Verde National Park you can enjoy a view that stretches as far as the eye can see. After that all the highlights of the red rock region await you.
Total driving distance: 2,134 Miles
Motorhome Holidays South West for adepts
South West for adeptsr


100% Pure California
Ideal for those who want to check out all the famous hot spots. And of course for those who just want to have a good time!
Total driving distance: 1,962 Miles
Motorhome Holidays California


From Vancouver or Seattle to the treasures of the Rocky Mountains
Hire a motorhome from Vancouver or Seattle. This classic circle route leads you into the Alpine mountains of the Northern Rockies and is primarily suited for travel during the summer months.
Total driving distance: 2,883 Miles
Motorhome Holidays  treasures of the Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains


The big loop from/to San Francisco or from/to Seattle
This itinerary is most suitable during the Summer months. Apart from the breathtaking Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park there are some real gems waiting to be discovered by visitors to Washington and Oregon.
Total driving distance: 3,682 Miles
Motorhome Holidays The big loop
North West


Enjoy the nothern region in total comfort
Even the northern reaches of the USA are comfortably within your reach and easy to navigate with a motorhome. You can rent from/to Whitehorse or from/to Anchorage. Please ensure you check with the rental companies regarding additional fees or insurance conditions if you drive on unsealed roads or to restricted areas. We can also assist you with ferry bookings in Alaska. Just give us a call.
Total driving distance: 2,125 Miles
Motorhome Holidays the nothern region
Alaska and Yukon


Awesome Entertainment and Breathtaking Beaches
Take in the Floridian sunshine. Just stay at whatever beach captivates you the most. This route is perfect for holidaymakers of all ages.
Total driving distance: 921 Miles
Motorhome Holidays Entertainment and Breathtaking Beaches


Captivating Cities and Stunning Costline
This is a route for travellers who enjoy taking things more slowly. You'll love the beaches that seem to go on forever, the extravagant architecture and the cuisine with its many international influences.
Total driving distance: 2,954 Miles
Motorhome Holidays Captivating Cities and Stunning Costline
The Grand Old South


From Vancouver or Seattle to the treasures of the Rocky Mountains
Start your motorhome holiday in Vancouver or Seattle and take your RV on a classic tour through the northern Rockies. This route is most suitable during the Summer months.
Total driving distance: 2,883 Miles
From Vancouver or Seattle to the treasures of the Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains

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