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All Inclusive Special 2018

Travel Period: 01 Jan 18 - 31 Dec 18
Four Seasons RV Rentals offers you discounted inclusive rates for hires with pick-ups in below mentioned travel dates.

All Inclusive Special 2018

Reduced All Inclusive Rates in Canada!

General Conditions:

These rates are valid for all vehicle types (Run of Fleet – vehicle type will be allocated by the rental company at pick-up). A minimum hire of 14 days applies.
For hires with pick-up and drop-off no later than 31 May 18 or for hires with pick-up on/after 01 Oct 18.

The All Inclusive Rate includes:

  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Convenience kits for all passengers (saving you CA$95 per person)
  • Vehicle preparation fee (saving you CA$90)
  • Transfer fees (saving you up to CA$100)