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German Alpine Road

from Lindau / to Munich

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German Alpine Road

from Lindau / to Munich

7 days / 465 km
Best time to travel: May to October

Take the German Alpine Road from Lake Constance to Lake Königssee. Each stage of this theme route offers gorgeous panoramas and many destinations. You can admire magnificent royal castles, monasteries, and quiet resorts which will invite you on a detour. Experience some of the most beautiful regions of the Alpine foothills and the beautiful mountain scenery of the Bavarian Alps, crystal clear lakes, and romantic valleys.

Arrival in Lindau and collection of the camper

Your journey begins in Lindau, situated in the tri-border area between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is the southernmost city of the Free State of Bavaria and a major tourist centre on Lake Constance. Lindau has a population of around 24,500. The historic old town has a dam which connects the city to an island on Lake Constance.

The new lighthouse and the Bavarian lion on the harbour are the landmarks of the city. The area is considered to be the most beautiful harbour on the entire Lake Constance. The old Town Hall in Bismarckplatz was constructed between 1422 and 1436. It is an example of Gothic architecture and is the most glamorous edifice on the whole Maximilianstraße. It has got beautiful paintings on its façade. They depict scenes from the city's history. The Magturm Tower was built on a square floor plan and is 33 metres high. It was constructed at the end of the 12th century as a lighthouse and was the terminus of the city wall. The name comes from earlier buildings in its vicinity, a warehouse for the cloth making industry.

On Maximilianstraße, a shopping street in the old town, you can find several beautiful patrician houses dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The City Museum located in a Baroque “Haus zum Cavazzen” can be found in the market square and houses municipal art collections. St Peter’s Church in Schrannenplatz is the oldest church in Lindau and one of the oldest on Lake Constance. It is more than 1000 years old. The church, called the Church of Fishermen, was formerly dedicated to the Apostle Peter, the patron saint of fishermen.

The powder tower dating back to 1508 is still part of the city wall. It can be found on the western tip of the island. The four-storey Diebsturm Tower located in Schrannenplatz was constructed in 1400 as part of the old city fortifications. The origin of the late-Baroque church of St Stephen dates back to a Roman church from the 12th century. The Lindaviabrunnen, built on a four-leaf clover floor plan, located in Reichsplatz was inaugurated on the occasion of the twenty-year reign of Bavarian King Ludwig II in 1884.

Highlights & Tips
Shopping spree in Lindau
The picturesque old town of Lindau offers a great setting for a relaxed shopping experience. There are numerous specialty stores and small shops enticing the tourists with gastronomy, craft, and art. Take a comfortable break and make a stopover at one of the inviting cafés. The weekly markets are another highlight of the place. You will have 40 shops to choose from at Lindaupark Shopping Centre in the mainland.

Lindau – Wertach

Stage distance: approx. 90 km

Suggested route: Lindau – Lindenberg – Oberreute – Oberstaufen – Bad Hindelang – Oberjoch – Wertach

From Lindau, you will go to the heights of the Pfänder Ridge, where you will find the town of Lindenberg.It is an economic and cultural centre of the region of Westallgäu. The German Alpine Road will lead you further through the so-called “paradise” to Oberstaufen. The “paradise” vantage point takes its name from the fantastic panoramic views of Nagelfluhkette and Vorarlberg as well as the Swiss Alps.

Highlights & Tips
Cool off in Germany's highest mud lake
A short detour (approx. 2 km) near Lindenberg leads you to the idyllic Lake Waldsee, Germany's highest mud lake, which will be ideal for a refreshing break.

Wertach – Oberammergau

Stage distance: approx. 75 km

Suggested route: Wertach – Nesselwang – Pfronten – Füssen – Schwangau – Halblech – Steingaden – Wildsteig – Oberammergau

From Wertach, you will reach Lake Grüntensee, which invites you for a bath or a paddle boat ride. When entering Nesselwang, a stopover at the parking lot is a must-see attraction. There is hardly a better place from which you can take a beautiful photo of the area. Continue through Pfronten to Füssen, where the German Alpine Road meets the Romantic Road. After paying a visit to the old town of Füssen, you can take a stroll to the nearby royal castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau near Schwangau.

Then, you will travel to Pfaffenwinkel with its distinctive landscape, churches, monasteries, and a variety of recreational opportunities. Many smaller and larger lakes invite the tourists to relax and bathe. The viewpoint located on the Echelsbacher Bridge, which spans the Ammer Gorge at an altitude of 80 m, is where the Ammergauer Alps. begin. The first few kilometres on B23 road run south towards Bad Bayersoien and then, through Saulgrub and Unterammergau to Oberammergau, the destination of this stage.

Highlights & Tips
Fun for kids
Between Wertach and Nesselwang, you can find the Buron Children's Park, which offers great amusement options for children.

The Pilgrimage Church of Wies
The Pilgrimage Church of Wies is a magnificently equipped pilgrimage church in the municipality of Steingaden, in Wiesbaden. Since 1983 the Pilgrimage Church of Wies – as one of the most famous Rococo churches in the world – has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Vantage point
From Unterammergau or Oberammergau, there is an easy walk which leads to the vantage point with the same name, Berggaststätte, which offers beautiful views of the Ammer Valley.

Oberammergau – Walchensee

Stage distance: approx. 45 km

Suggested route: Oberammergau – Ettal – Farchant – Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Krün – Wallgau – Walchensee

From Oberammergau, you drive towards Oberau located in the Werdenfelser Land, from where you can admire a beautiful panorama view of Alpspitze and Zugspitze. The trip continues through Farchant to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which offers many possibilities when it comes to hiking around the Partnach Gorge and the Höllental Gorge (nearby Grainau) or you can take a ride on the Zugspitze railway to the highest mountain in Germany.

Continue towards Mittenwald/Innsbruck and turn to Krün near Klais. On the way from Wallgau, you will reach Lake Walchen, right at the foot of Herzogstand. It is one of the few pristine lakes in the Bavarian Alps and a paradise for water sports. The area was used as a film set for movies about Vikings on numerous occasions.

Highlights & Tips
The Kuhflucht Waterfall near Farchant
In Farchant, it is worth taking a short hike to the Kuhflucht Waterfall. It is the highest waterfall in Germany.

Wonderful view from the top
You can reach the top of Herzogstand on foot or by taking a cable car. It serves as a beautiful vantage point high above Lake Wachen and Lake Kochel, and overlooks the Alps as well as the Wetterstein Mountains and Karwendel Mountains.

Walchensee – Bayrischzell

Stage distance: approx. 120 km

Suggested route: Walchensee – Kochel – Bad Tölz – Lenggries – Kreuth –Tegernsee – Hausham – Schliersee –Bayrischzell

From Lake Walchen, you will travel towards Kochel am See and then, towards Bad Tölz. Both of this places are worth seeing. Following the Isar River, through Lenggries, over Sylvenstein Dam and the Achen Pass, you will reach Kreuth.

From Tegernsee, which is a popular holiday and excursion destination, you will continue through Hausham and the lovely Schliersee to Bayrischzell.

Highlights & Tips
Scenic alternative through Jachenau
There exists an alternative route, running along the German Alpine Road (instead of Kochel and Bad Tölz), namely a toll road from Einsiedl am Walchensee through Jachenau. You need to go south from Lenggries by choosing B13 road in the direction of the Achen Pass.

Cheese in Kreuth
In Kreuth, you can make a stopover at the Naturkäserei TegernseerLand. You can participate in guided tours and taste some high-quality milk cheese from regional production.

Bayrischzell – Oberwössen

Stage distance: approx. 65 km

Suggested route: Bayrischzell – Oberaudorf – Nußdorf – Aschau im Chiemgau – Bernau – Rottau – Grassau – Marquartstein – Oberwössen

Through Suldefelt and the Tatzelwurmstraße, you will access the Inn Valley. Your first stop will be Oberaudorf, the “pearl of the Inn Valley.” Here, you will find traditional restaurants, good shopping venues as well as leisure and cultural opportunities. If you decide to take the road to the north, you will reach Nußdorf am Inn.

Afterwards, you will drive through Chiemgau, a scenic tourit region around lake Chiemsee, which also offers such attractions as the castle island, Herrenchiemsee and Fraueninsel Island, with the Benedictine Abbey of Frauenwörth. Through Aschau im Chiemgau and Bernau am Chiemsee, you will travel to Rottau and Grassau. Turn right while existing Grassauer and follow the Tiroler Arche south, through Marquartstein towards Oberwössen.

Highlights & Tips
Learn more about salt and peat
The Salt and Moor Museum located halfway to Strecke, between Rottau and Grassau, invites you for a tour and a stopover.

Fabulous stopover for children
The Märchen-Erlebnispark Marquartstein will be an ideal stopover for children.

Oberwössen – Berchtesgaden

Stage distance: approx. 70 km

Suggested route: Oberwössen – Reit im Winkl – Inzell – Weißbach – Schnaizlreuth – Bad Reichenhall – Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden – Schönau am Königssee – Berchtesgaden

Travelling through Reit im Winkl and Inzell, you will reach the final stage of the German Alpine Road with the magnificent landscape of the Berchtesgaden Alps. Between Weißbach and Schneizlreuth, you can find hiking trails in the romantic Weißbach Gorge. Before returning to the Alpine Road in the direction of Ramsau, we recommend you to take a short detour to Bad Reichenhall. While driving through Schönau, you will spot one of the highlights of the trip on the German Alpine Road, namely Lake Königssee with the Pilgrimage Church of St Bartholomew. The last destination is Berchtesgaden located in Berchtesgadener Land. It is also a very well-known tourist area in Upper Bavaria.

Highlights & Tips
Bathing fun in Inzell
Inzell attracts tourists with its bathing lake, indoor pool, and wellness area located in Inzell Water Park.

Refreshment before a beautiful mountain panorama
If you take a detour at Ramsau, you can travel five kilometres towards Hintersee, which is worth paying a visit. You will find there an idyllic Alpine place with crystal clear mountain lakes and dark mountain forests.

Old saline and salt museum
The Old Salt Works in Bad Reichenhall is a great highlight and tourist attraction of the region.

Berchtesgaden – Munich

Stage distance: approx. 160 km

Suggested route: Berchtesgaden – Bad Reichenhall – A8 – Munich

From Berchtesgaden, you will travel through Bad Reichenhall and then, take A8 road to Munich, the destination point where you are supposed to return the campers.