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A taste of the Southwest

With sunshine all year round, it's always a good time to rent an RV in Phoenix. The capital of Arizona offers fascinating museums, delicious Southwestern cuisine and a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Surrounded by an eerie desert landscape, Phoenix is a unique, captivating destination for your next trip. You'll find motorhomebookers.com rental partners in the city, so you can rent a motorhome in Phoenix and begin the adventure.

As well as exploring the city, RV rentals in Phoenix open the door to a whole region. Famous for its rugged desert landscapes, the Southwest is an ideal spot for a road trip. Admire the mountains and unique rock formations, visit traditional adobe buildings and get a closer look at the unique flora and fauna that thrive here. Rent a motorhome in Phoenix and go into the heart of the desert. Keep reading our guide to Phoenix camper van rentals to learn all about what you can see and do in this remarkable part of America.

Top 5 facts about Phoenix

  1. Heard Museum: this unique, fascinating museum celebrates Native American culture, which continues to thrive in the surrounding area.
  2. Camelback Mountain: the hike up this rocky landmark is tricky in places, but it's worth it for the gorgeous views over the city.
  3. Winter crowds: Arizona is a popular destination with "snowbird" visitors, so book in advance if you want to rent an RV in Phoenix in winter.
  4. Grand Canyon road trip: crossing pine forests and desert, this unforgettable drive will take you to one of the world's most famous natural wonders.
  5. Southwestern cuisine: be sure to try chimichangas followed by prickly pear candy, two unique local favourites.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Phoenix

If you love the outdoors, you'll have a blast when renting an RV in Phoenix. It's made for hikers, with trails that you can access without leaving the city limits. Start with the iconic Camelback Mountain, which offers sweeping views over the city. Then go for a hike in Papago Park, where you'll find Arizona's signature red rock buttes and unique rock formations.

Downtown Phoenix has plenty to see, too. Don't neglect the city centre when you rent a motorhome in Phoenix. Visit the Musical Instrument Museum, with over 15,000 instruments on display and regular concerts. Admire the colours of the desert in the Desert Botanical Garden. Take a tour of Taliesin West, the spectacular home built by Frank Lloyd Wright. RV rentals in Phoenix let you see the surprising sights of the city.

This makes Phoenix particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

Start your road trip by renting an RV in Phoenix and heading out into the Sonoran Desert. Against a backdrop of red rocks and sandstone, you'll have the chance to see wild birds, snakes and coyotes. Continue to Tucson, 113 miles away, along a road lined by enormous cacti. Some grow as high as 40 feet and must be seen to be believed.

The most popular road trip destination for people who rent a camper van in Phoenix is the Grand Canyon. At 224 miles away, it's a three-hour drive to the South Rim, and you can stop along the way in interesting towns like Jerome or Sedona. For a longer road trip, continue to the North Rim. It'll add another 200 miles to your trip, but you'll see another side of the canyon: quieter, less visited, with even more stunning views.

For a multi-day road trip you'll never forget, rent an RV in Phoenix and head north. You can visit the Grand Canyon on your way to Las Vegas. Along the way, you'll see different kinds of deserts and some unforgettable sights. Be sure to stop at the Hoover Dam, often considered one of the man-made wonders of the world.

Camper van rental: useful information for your trip to Phoenix

With three airports serving the city, including one large international airport, it's easy to arrive and rent an RV in Phoenix. It's important to be mindful of the weather when driving in the desert. Rent a motorhome from June to September, and you might experience flash flooding. Always check the weather report before you start driving, and do not park or drive in dry creeks or river beds. Dust storms are common at the same time of year and can decrease visibility to zero. If one occurs, pull off the road and park until the storm passes.

Anyone who rents an RV in Phoenix can add Arizona government alerts to their phone. This is the best way to stay informed about sudden changes in weather and dangerous conditions. Driving your Phoenix rental motorhome through the desert can be a truly magical experience, but safety must always be a priority.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Phoenix

The desert is calling! Rent an RV in Phoenix through motorhomebookers.com to explore Arizona and the surrounding region. Eerie scenery, impressive wildlife and a surprisingly colourful landscape will make this a trip you'll never forget.

Phoenix midtown skyline with a Saguaro Cactus and other desert scenery in the foreground.

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