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Discover Sweden with a camper

Rent a motorhome in Sweden to enjoy alluring serenity

A road journey through Sweden is the epitome of freedom because of the nation's culturally rich towns, stunning beaches and infinite natural expanse, which is worth seeing at least once. Using a campervan, you may visit all these locations in a week or 14 days with proper planning.

Nature lovers and adventurers will find paradise in Sweden. Beautiful forests abound there, and meet endlessly beautiful coasts, lakes and islands of all sizes. It's a must-visit destination for a motorhome road trip. Read on to learn why, and head to for your camper van booking while planning a road trip in Sweden.

Top 5 facts about Sweden

  1. Ferries frequently run between Frederikshavn, Denmark and Göteborg.
  2. The public has access to the lakes and more than 24,000 islands because of Sweden's longstanding tradition of open access.
  3. With a history spanning a thousand years, Sweden is one of the oldest independent states in the world.
  4. Sweden's most stunning motorhome route is the Wilderness Way (or Vildmarksvägen in Swedish).
  5. Sweden is one of the most economical Scandinavian countries to camp in and a much sought-after destination for RV travellers.

These highlights await you when you visit Sweden with a motorhome

The wooden churches that have been constructed all around Sweden are well-known. Skansen is an outdoor museum where you may learn about the nation's history. Here, historic churches and other structures have been reconstructed one by one beside old manor houses. The Vasa Museum, a nautical museum with many antique vessels and a colourful past chronicled, was founded in the 17th century and continues to draw many tourists today.

For 800 years, Kalmar Castle has dominated the town of Kalmar. On a campervan road trip, it should go without saying that you should visit one of the best-preserved Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. Due to its location along a historic Danish border, the fortress is significant in Swedish history.

Tyresta National Park is a must-see location on a road trip across Southern Sweden. It is situated southeast of Stockholm and part of the Tyresö and Haninge municipalities. You may confidently travel through Sweden by campervan because the roads are well-designed for them.

With a 6-hectare footprint on the peninsula of Lake Orranäsasjön, Orrefors campsite is equally well-regarded. There are more than 50 partially split electric sites in a self-sufficient camping meadow. A spectacular view of the surroundings is provided by many pitches that are directly on the lake.

In Sweden, it is convenient to locate convenient campgrounds and wild camping areas. Though it's possible, you don't have to base your road trip itineraries on the locations of your overnight stops.

These camper routes through Sweden are a must

Lake Siljan can be a useful place to rest if you're travelling through Sweden from east to west or vice versa. The lake is gorgeous and perfect for swimming. This location provides excellent lakeside access.

Many of Sweden's campgrounds are found close to the ocean to take advantage of the region's most spectacular scenery. There are often large marine coves to explore, too. To sample some of the best cuisines in the area, try the famous eateries on the coast while enjoying the view.

A nice city stop in Sweden is Malmö. Here, you can park your camper and take a small boat around to see the city. You may take in the landmarks and scenery while boating along the canals. Additionally, you can do it by walking. Your tour should undoubtedly include the old town's half-timbered buildings, the Malmöhus, which is an early 16th-century castle, the last remaining piece of the medieval fortification and the castle windmill.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Sweden

Although the majority of Swedish people you'll encounter can speak English very well, it can be worth putting in a little effort to learn some phrases, such as how to say "hello" and "thank you", which are "hej" and "tack", respectively. The general standard of English in Sweden means you won't have trouble asking questions when necessary when travelling in Sweden.

Since cash isn't always accepted, don't worry about going to the bank ahead of time to collect cash in the appropriate currency for your trip to Sweden. Despite the Swedish krona being the official currency, you may not need to use it directly.

Be sure to follow the recycling rules and place your recyclables in the proper bins. Recycling is a serious matter in Sweden, and recycling is considered necessary. Here, you do not only get clean air; Sweden also has clean streets, so it is important to keep things this way.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Sweden

Walking, cycling, riding, skiing and camping are all permitted on all land in Sweden, except for private gardens, areas close to habitations and areas under cultivation. The amazing natural beauty of Sweden is ideal for a campervan road trip, allowing you to pass by lakes, forests and the occasional moose. From the comfort of your RV, you may see Sweden's stugas, the traditional red houses, along the journey.

Be ready for a diverse motorhome tour across Sweden, and don't forget to sample some of the country's mouthwatering fish. With trusted partners in Sweden, you can get the best camper van to suit your needs at affordable rates.

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