The different motorhome structure types

Basically, motorhome types are differentiated according to the following six different structure types.

The Truck Camper - The flexible type of camper

The Truck Camper

The basis is the classic American "truck", on whose loading area a living area was mounted. The Truck Camper is sturdy and compact and therefore expecially manoeuvrable. It is therefore suitable for adventurous trips in remote areas. But the Truck Camper scores in narrow cities as well due to its compact dimensions. The driver's cabin is completely separated from the living area, which – although it is smaller - has all standard comforts of a motorhome.

A very flexible type of camper!


4WD-Camper - The absolute adventure off-road version!

Some remote places in untouched nature can only be reached across country and on unpaved ground. The switchable all-wheel drive allows the extremely sturdy and well steerable vehicle to cope with particular difficult terrain. The absolute adventure off-road version! Its priority is on driving ability - the living comfort was limited to the bare minimum. There are sleeping options that can be folded out in the vehicle itself or in the roof tent that can be set up. This type is offered in southern Africa and Australia.

The 4WD-Camper

The Campervan: The cheap and ideal entry-level van

The Campervan

Campervans are like the common delivery vans, whose interior loading space was comfortably equipped with seating and sleeping facilities as well as a kitchenette and shower/toilet. They have a comfortable headroom. The Campervan appeals primarily to younger customers who prefer a cheap (both in terms of rental costs and fuel consumption) and flexible camper vehicle. The Campervan is convenient in cities; its driving behavior is similar to that of a car and is therefore well suited as an entry-level vehicle.


The Van: Our classic with a folding roof or high roof

The Van is the archetype of the mobile home. Its most famous nostalgic representative was the VW „Bulli“. Agile and compact and less than 2 meters high, it is well suited for the city. It is equipped with a folding roof or high roof; There are rarely toilets or bath facilities, but modest cooking and cooling facilities are available.

The Van

Motorhome Cab Over: Ideal for Families & Friends

The Motorhome Cab Over

The building above the driver's area is called Cab Over. The (double) bed accommodated here leaves much more space in the lower living room. The cab over space is very popular with children as a play area – however forbidden while driving. There is usually a double bed in the back and a possibility to convert the dining or the sitting area into an additional bed. Shower and toilet are separated from the living room; the kitchenette is very well equipped. Slide-outs, which are often found in North America, offer a way to create even more space when parked. The living area and driver's area can usually be separated by a curtain, which provides privacy at night. Families or several friends will find enough space and comfortable facilities here.


Motorhome partially integrated: The elegant one

The equipment features and spaciousness correspond to those of the Motorhome Cab Over. However, here the pass from the driver's cab to the living area is covered by a kind of flat hood roof, often with large windows. As a result, this motorhome is not as high as the motorhome cab over and thus it looks more elegant and aerodynamic. The driver's cabin is partly integrated into the living area; the drivers and the front passengers seat can be turned into the living area and then  serve as common seating.

motorhome partially integrated
Motorhome partially integrated

Motorhome fully integrated: The more luxurios van

Motorhome fully integrated

The driver's cab is fully integrated into the living area. Here the front seats can be rotated variably as well. The driver's cab is not at all recognizable as seperate cab – but drivers and living area form a coherent unit. In order to create plenty of space for comfort in the front part, there is no or only one driver's door. This large and heavy type of motorhome is more luxurious than the others. It is considered the premier class, which is also reflected in the price.


Minicamper: The perfect fit for young, flexible travellers

As the name says it all: small, suitable minivans are converted to make them suitable for camping. The camping facilities are often available as removable modules, and only a few can be permanently installed. Some have a lifting roof with space for a bed. This is something for young, flexible travellers with little demand for comfort. The costs are correspondingly low.