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Canada is a big place, but despite much of it being rural or wilderness, it is well-travelled. Anyone looking for motorhome hire in Canada will not be disappointed.

If you’re interested in seeing Canada’s great lakes, mountains, or beautiful cities, keep reading to learn why you should be booking your campervan over at today!

Top 5 facts about Canada

  • Canada is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere, not to mention the second-largest country in the world, meaning there is no shortage of sights to see in your RV rental, including the longest coastline in the world at over 200,000 kilometres.
  • You don’t need to head to the coast for aquatic beauty since over half of all the lakes in the world are located in Canada, including two of the biggest lakes in the world in the form of Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake.
  • Despite being the second-largest country in the world, the vast majority of Canadians live near the US-Canada border, meaning there is a considerable amount of nature to experience away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities.
  • The Trans-Canada highway is one of the world's longest national highways, making navigating your RV between Canada’s western and eastern coasts easy.
  • Around 50 per cent of Canada’s landmass is covered by forest, which is a whole lot of forest given the size of the country, making for some truly spectacular road trips in an RV rental.

These highlights await you when you visit Canada with a motorhome

Being such a big country, there are naturally plenty of highlights for visitors in their campervan rental to experience. Unless you’re driving up from the United States, you’re probably going to be starting your camper expedition in a city. Canada boasts some beautiful cities; Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Victoria deserve to be mentioned.

Heading out of the cities, Canada is home to more lakes than any other country in the world: over 31,000 large lakes covering a combined area of over 300 hectares. Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake stand out as particular highlights, being among the biggest lakes in the world.

Looking for something on dry land? Whistler is an active mountain community that boasts one of the world's most in-demand mountain bike parks. If mountain biking isn’t your thing, there are also hiking trails to head out on.

Niagara Falls are one of the world's natural wonders and sit right on the US-Canada border, making it a great place to start if you are driving up from the United States. From there, you could follow the bank of Lake Ontario to Toronto.

These camper routes through Canada are a must

Taking a break in Canada in a camper rental is one of the most rewarding holidays you could take, but it can be a little intimidating to plan out since there is just so much of it. Here are a few popular routes to consider taking your motorhome on.

It was already mentioned as one of the top 5 facts about Canada, but the Trans-Canada highway is, itself, a great road trip. At nearly 7,500 kilometres along its main route, an average camper would take two weeks to cross the entire thing, and that doesn’t include detours or stopping anywhere for more than one night. The main route stays close to civilisation, so you’ll never be too far from amenities, but there is still more than enough to nature to keep you entertained.

You might consider taking your camper rental to Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan for a more modest route. This route will take a few days if you take the time to appreciate the sights, such as plains bison, settler homesteads, and more. The full route clocks in at a little under 300 kilometres.

For something between the previous two routes, start in Montreal and point your campervan towards Gaspésie. This near-1000-kilometre route will take you along the St. Lawrence River to the Gaspé Peninsula. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to spot various interesting creatures, such as whales and northern gannets.
Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Canada

While a campervan holiday in Canada is thoroughly recommended for anyone looking to explore the Americas' northern regions, there are some things to be aware of. First, you will need to be at least 21 years of age to rent a motorhome in Canada, and you will need a valid credit card for the transaction. You will also need a valid driver’s licence from your country of origin.

It’s worth doing a little research on your parking spots before pulling up for the night. Wild camping is allowed in Canada, implying you can park your RV rental wherever you like. In practice, however, wild camping is not allowed if explicitly prohibited, which it often is in cities and national parks.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Canada

In truth, Canada has far more to experience than most visitors could hope to achieve in one trip. However, with careful planning and a bit of research, you can ensure that your campervan hits all the important sports as far as you are concerned. When you’re ready to book your Canadian excursion, head over to!

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