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Discover Switzerland with a camper

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Switzerland is a stunning nation that offers a taste of the best of Europe. Each region has a unique flair because there are four national languages; French, German, Italian and Romansh. Rustic chateaux and sprawling vineyards can be seen in the French-speaking cantons, and in the German-speaking region, you can find mouthwatering cheese and majestic mountains. You may also enjoy fantastic food and kind hospitality in the Italian-speaking region.

Switzerland is ideal for a European camper van road trip because of its unique geography, culture and food. Whether you have a few days or weeks to explore, you can choose the finest stops and campgrounds that suit your schedule from our road trip itinerary for Switzerland. For the greatest information on where and how to rent a camper van in Switzerland, visit

Top 5 facts about Switzerland

  1. Doubs Natural Park is a fantastic location for cycling, hiking and experiencing local culture.
  2. There is a central plateau with undulating hills and plains, and the entire nation is home to numerous lakes.
  3. Campers may rest at the several stops by the road specifically reserved for them to take a break.
  4. Geneva's Old Town has a maze of streets, alleys, restaurants and lovely cafes and is remarkable for a full-day stopover.
  5. To explore Geneva, you can park your camper van 4 kilometres away in TCS Camping Geneva-Vésenaz and enjoy the sights from the shores of Lake Geneva.

These highlights await you when you visit Switzerland with a motorhome

You can visit Lake Zurich, stroll along the promenade, view the magnificent architecture, and indulge in some people-watching. Another option is a boat journey on the lake or the Limmat River. Take advantage of this chance to see a wide range of artwork by several well-known Swiss painters and pieces by famous global artists, including Gogh, Rembrandt and Picasso. Additionally, it has more interactive exhibits, which distinguishes it from other art galleries.

Lugano is known for its flawless fusion of Swiss and Italian culture. A hike is a must-do activity if you are using a camper van in Switzerland, and we advise taking on Monte San Salvatore for this. With a height of slightly over 900 metres, it is not too challenging and offers incredible views of the city and Lake Lugano. You can hike one of the wooded trails and then, if necessary, ride the cable car back down.

The Vaudois Alps are also ideal spots to visit in Switzerland for an authentic camper van experience. These surroundings include a complex of forests, beautiful mountain passes and unmatched natural beauty. You can explore Les Diablerets, the premier ski resort in the area and enjoy the picturesque environment.

These camper routes through Switzerland are a must

To be adequately appreciated, Lausanne merits an entire day. The drive there should take one hour. You may catch a stunning perspective of one of the many Lausanne landmarks of national significance or visit its Notre Dame Cathedral and look over the lake at Geneva. Lausanne has a place right on the lake called Camping de Vidy, which is suitable for parking camper vans.

If you are travelling from Munich, Zürich is an ideal first stop. It is a modern city, and there are various things to do, like exploring its artistic and alternative side. Since the area often gets crowded during the high seasons, you should park near Zürich to explore the city by day and head out to Sihlwald to camp in a peaceful nature reserve.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is situated on the shores of a lake by the same name. Due to its significant international airport, Zurich is a prominent place to rent an RV in Switzerland. A short drive away is Lucerne, a renowned lovely old town with one of Europe's oldest covered bridges. If you want to cross a couple of nations off your bucket list of places to visit, Liechtenstein and Germany are nearby.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Switzerland

Since the weather is one thing you cannot control, it may be the case that you cannot do a specific activity on a particular day. It would be better to schedule a trip to Switzerland for late June or September if you want the most excellent hiking conditions without the heavy summertime crowds and warm weather. Even though the weather may not be too hot, it is vital to pack sunscreen and sunglasses because the sun can be extreme.

Some regions of Switzerland permit wild camping. Always pay close attention to signage because every municipality has its regulations. Some parking places only permit overnight parking but not setting up a camp, so you should not use your outdoor furniture in such places and then leave the next day. It is always best to park your camper van in a designated camping area.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Switzerland

Renting a motorhome in Switzerland means that you get the best out of your holiday. The independence of having your own mobile home allows you to travel off the beaten path and get to know the nation at your own pace. The best way to fully enjoy everything this amazing country offers on your campervan rental tour is to plan your schedule and route.

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