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Looking for an adventure? Why not rent a motorhome in Portugal? This small country will surprise and delight you with beautiful landscapes and historical architecture waiting at every corner. From the hills of Lisbon and the narrow cobbled streets of Porto to the sunbaked landscapes of the Algarve, there's something for everyone here. At, we've found the best rental partners in Portugal to help you get your holiday started.

A road trip across Portugal will help you explore the country's hidden secrets. With Portugal motorhome rentals, you can discover the wineries of the Douro Valley, the tiny coves between Faro and Lagos, and the peaks of the Serra da Estrela. Read on to learn more about the best places to visit in Portugal and make your dream road trip a reality.

Top 5 facts about Portugal

  1. Lisbon: Portugal's capital city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, and the rebuilt city continues to charm visitors with its narrow streets and old-fashioned trams.
  2. The Algarve: sun-worshippers should head to the south of the country for endless golden beaches. The coast here has something to offer everyone, from families with kids to serious surfers.
  3. Islands: why limit yourself to continental Portugal? Try renting a motorhome in Madeira or São Miguel for a different Portuguese holiday.
  4. North-south road trip: an ideal road trip crosses Portugal, taking you from the green valleys of the north to the arid sandy landscapes of the south.
  5. Winelands: Portugal is famous for its fine wines. Don't miss the chance to sample local specialities at vineyards across the country.

These highlights await you when you visit Portugal with a motorhome

When you choose to rent a camper van in Portugal, you might want to start in the capital city, Lisbon. Why not take a tram ride around the city, visiting the Castle of São Jorge, high on a hill? Lisbon is also ideal for day trips. The nearby town of Sintra is famous for its stunning palaces and gardens, while the seaside village of Cascais is the most popular choice for locals who want a day at the beach.

The northern city of Porto is also a great place to stop when you rent a motorhome in Portugal. Its narrow, steep streets will give you a real workout as you climb through the old town to the beautiful cathedral. Many modern-day pilgrims pass through Porto on their way north to Santiago de Compostela. While here, be sure to sample the francesinha, the local speciality of a sandwich of several mixed meats smothered with cheese sauce. You may need to rest awhile to digest it afterwards!

Prefer to have fun in the sun? Rent a motorhome in Portugal and head to the southern city of Lagos. You can just relax on some of Portugal's finest beaches, or you can explore the rock formations at the Ponta da Piedade. Visitors often take boat trips to discover the hidden grottoes in this area, which is a particularly popular destination in the warm summer months.

These camper routes through Portugal are a must

Portugal is small enough that it's easy to combine the country's north and south in a single road trip. In the north, you can rent a motorhome in Portugal and make the journey from Porto to Braga. One of the most beautiful stopping points is Aveiro, known as the Venice of Portugal for its winding canals, on which colourful boats pass. In Barcelos, you can uncover the legend of the famous rooster that has become a national symbol. When you get to Braga, climb to the Bom Jesus do Monte statue, admiring the views across the green hills and valleys. Along the way, don't miss out on the vineyards, where you can sample local port wine and Vinho Verde.

In the south, an entirely different landscape awaits. You can rent a motorhome in Portugal and drive between Lagos and Faro, stopping in popular coastal towns like Albufeira and Carvoeiro. There are plenty of charming spots to uncover, like the spectacular Benagil Cave, a cave with its own natural skylight and sheltered beach. For non-stop beauty, try following the Atlantic Coast Surf Route, which will take you across Portugal's entire coast, stopping in cities like Lisbon and Porto on the way.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Portugal

Wild camping is illegal in Portugal, with fines of up to €600. Take care to park in designated spots when you rent a motorhome in Portugal. Many travellers to Portugal like to combine it with a road trip to Spain. Just make sure to pay attention when you cross the border. It might not feel like it, but you'll be passing into a different time zone!

Portugal has very hot summers, and wildfires are common. They are particularly likely in the green areas of the north. If you want to rent a motorhome in Portugal in the summer months, pay close attention to local weather alerts, and stay out of any zones that have been designated a wildfire risk.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Portugal

Small but varied, Portugal offers beautiful beaches, green valleys, historic architecture and cultural delights. When you rent a motorhome in Portugal, you'll find one of Europe's most exciting countries waiting for you. Whether you're looking to hit the surf or admire the cathedrals, you're sure to find adventure with!

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