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Explore Norway at your own pace with a motorhome or campervan from Norway has diverse landscapes and natural wonders for an extended holiday. Whether you want to see the Northern Lights or the midnight sun, Norway is the perfect destination. Norway is also home to majestic mountains, lush valleys and deep blue fjords, making it a gorgeous country for a campervan trip.

The Scandinavian country has many regions with beautiful scenery. For instance, you can visit the Lofoten Islands and Kirkenes to watch the midnight sun and Northern Lights. If you want to enjoy the snowy wilderness, Svalbard is a tranquil location to see polar bears and explore the snowy winters. Alesund is a picturesque Art Nouveau town for a fjord-filled adventure in the Northwest.

If you want to explore the mountaineering capital of Norway, visit Andalsnes and marvel at the staggering peaks. For instance, you can park your campervan and hike up Trollstigen Mountain. You can also explore world-famous attractions in the Northwest. Discover other motorhome routes and exciting regions when you rent a campervan in Norway with

Top 5 facts about Norway

  1. The Atlantic Road connects Norway's mainland to Averoya and offers sites to enjoy along the route, including the Kvernes Stave Church and Storseisundet Bridge.
  2. Pulpit Rock towers 610 metres high, and you can hike it to enjoy the impressive views of the fjords, beautiful lakes and quaint villages in the area.
  3. Norway has charming villages perched on the edge of fjords. For instance, the Hamnoy fishing village near Reinefjord and Reine nestled in Moskenesoya.
  4. The city of Bergen is a charming place with its crooked wharf and wooden buildings. Bergen also provides trails and walkways that criss-cross mountain tops.
  5. Hikers can enjoy the view of Briksdalsbreen Glacier around Stryn and hike to the glacier. Alternatively, find the challenging Jostedalsbreen glacier to hike.

These highlights await you when you visit Norway with a motorhome

Norway offers plenty of places to explore, from the country's capital Oslo to the deep fjords and snow-capped mountain peaks. Campers have choices of regions to visit due to the country's diversity. You can focus on the natural wonders and outdoor activities or spend time exploring the culture and history of Norway.

When planning your campervan trip, ensure you visit Sognefjord, Norway’s largest fjord that reaches 204 kilometres inland from Skjolden village. Norway has over 1,700 named fjords, but Sognefjord is magnificent, with impressive cliff walls and a height of 1,307 metres, creating breathtaking scenery. If you are a thrill-seeker, Pulpit Rock is a must-visit site. It is located in Stavanger, which you can access by ferry, a few hour's drive and a two-hour uphill hike. The flat-topped cliff is 600 metres above the water with stunning views of Lysefjord. Stavanger is also home to the Norwegian Canning Museum.

The Northern region of Norway is near the Arctic Circle, perfect for major arctic expeditions. You can enjoy the region's maritime charm or watch Tromso's spectacular Northern Lights and midnight sun. Remember to visit the quaint fishing villages near the Arctic Circle.

The regions and cities in Norway you should visit with your camper van!

Whether you want to explore remote villages or hip urban locations, Norway combines both. Oslo is the Norwegian capital with incredible attractions to visit. The food scene and museums make it the perfect destination for a motorhome trip. Oslo is surrounded by deep forests and Oslofjord, making it easier for campers to enjoy city life and nature-based activities. You can also explore charming towns dotted along the coast, including Fredrikstad and Tonsberg. An hour’s drive from Oslo is Hadeland, with an outdoor art park featuring exhibitions.

To experience the beauty of the Northern Lights and the midnight sun, visit Northern Norway. Tromso is the capital of the Arctic city, and you can tick some items off your bucket list on the road trip. Aside from the Northern Lights, there are whale-watching excursions and epic nature adventures. You can also experience Sami culture in towns like Alta and Karasjok or visit the northernmost part of Europe at the North Cape.

Another exciting city to visit is Lofoten, with its staggering peaks, authentic fishing villages, picture-perfect beaches and fjords. Visit Lofoten for picturesque views or go sightseeing in Vesteralen, where there are whales. You can also explore the coastal route from Trondelag and Bodo.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Norway

The ideal time to visit Norway is during warmer temperatures and longer days. Go on your motorhome trip from June to August. The warmest month is July, and you can visit Northern Norway to watch the midnight sun. The temperature is also ideal for cycling, kayaking and hiking. You can also visit Norway during winter for skiing and dog sledging.

Wild camping is allowed in Norway, and you can camp overnight on public land. That means you can park anywhere as long as there is no sign to indicate otherwise. The minimum age for renting a camper is 21 years, while the minimum age for renting a motorhome is 25 years.

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Discover the remarkable beauty of Norway with added comfort and style by renting a motorhome or campervan from You can access motorhomes, RVs and campervans from various towns across the country, including Oslo, Alesund, Bodo, Stavanger and Bergen.

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