All you need to know about booking a campervan with motorhomebookers

Booking a campervan with motorhombookers is easy. Here we answer the most important questions about booking, paying and picking up your vehicle.

No. If you book with us you can expect both low prices and top quality vehicles and service. We are specialists who offer motorhome rentals at prices that are cheaper than if you book direct with the rental companies themselves.

Because the rental companies can't rent out all their vehicles themselves they offer the same vehicles to us - essentially as a broker, at discount rates because of the large number of bookings we make. We also do not produce brochures which means we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.

Our prices include taxes and we also do not charge credit card surcharges. Customers who may feel uncomfortable about booking with us on the internet without speaking to someone first can call us Monday to Friday to obtain advice from our specialists.

The first step is to select your desired currency at the top of the page. After clicking on the 'Motorhomes' tab you select your holiday destination. Once you have done this you can either select a rental company or click for an instant price comparison with our booking/quotation tool.

This allows you to enter your desired pick-up and drop-off dates, locations and vehicle category. You then click 'Go' and the lowest price quote(s) will instantly appear. Click 'Select' next to the deal you wish to purchase and the quote for that rental company will appear in detail.

This page allows you to add any optional extras such as mileage allowances, etc. Once you click 'start booking' the 6-step booking process will begin. If you are not familiar with the process you can click on the 'demo booking' button at this point before proceeding.

We will pass on the booking (but no credit card data) to the rental company immediately (during our office hours). As soon as we have their electronic confirmation we will send you the Motorhome Bookers confirmation via email, which is also your invoice.

At this point we deduct a deposit from the credit card, which is 10% of the total price (min. € 95). We deduct the rest of your payment seven to eight weeks before the date of departure, at which point we will also dispatch your travel documents to you via email. If for some reason the vehicle you request is not available you will promptly receive a non-binding alternative offer fom us.

With Visa, AMEX or Mastercard (with no surcharges on top!)

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your personal details. SSL is a secure system which encodes your personal information (such as your name, address and credit card number) so that it is available only to you and to us and can not be intercepted when your details are transfered to us.

Because your details are encrypted with this technology you can be reassured that doing business with us over the internet is even more secure than buying over the phone.

Generally speaking, you book and pay for almost everything with us and this includes the local sales taxes that apply to anything you purchase with us. The range of inclusions differs depending on which rental company you ask us to book for you. You can view what is included by clicking on the 'Important rental info' link available within each rental company's section on our website. This information is also included as a link during the booking process.

The differences occur for items such as optional insurance supplements, all-inclusive options, mileage allowances (for North American holidays) and vehicle kits. The list of inclusions and exclusions is also outlined in detail as part of the online quote and is included in the travel documents we send to our customers

Yes, we are able to provide confirmed bookings for residents of any country. The only exception to this is that we are not able to provide El Monte RV Rentals Hires for U.S. residents.

No, not at present, although we can refer you to qualified flight specialists if you wish. 

In Canada and the USA you are only permitted to pick up the vehicle the day after your arrival. This rule does not exist in Australia or New Zealand. All of our rental company partners have different time slots available for you to pick up or drop off your motorhome. These details can be found under their 'Important Rental Info' sections on this website. 

Some companies provide transfers while others don't. You can see if transfers are provided for the motorhome you wish to book in 'Pick-up/Drop-off' section in our rental companies' 'Important Rental Info' sections provided on this site.

Regardless of whether a transfer is provided we strongly recommend that you call the rental depot the day before you are due to pick up the vehicle (or early on the pick-up day if your flight arrives in late at night) to finalise your motorhome pick-up time. If a transfer is provided you will need to clarify the exact transfer time when you call, as this can vary.

Both our flex rates and the special offers are usually cheaper the earlier you book. Importantly, when you use our price-checker to get an instant price comparison or company-specific quote our system will automatically quote you the lowest current price available.

Furthermore, if any special offer exists that matches the dates/locations/vehicles you have entered it will automatically include this in your quote.

The insurance system provided by the rental companies is similar from company to company within each given destination while the companies do provide varying levels of cover.

Some (not many) companies already include full cover insurance in their rates. However, most companies give you the option of purchasing an insurance supplement to reduce/waive the excess and - in some cases, increase your level of cover. To get a definite picture of what insurance is covered, what extra insurance options exist and whether you can purchase it with us we recommend that you view the 'Insurance' section in each company's 'Important Rental Info' section provided on this site.