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The second-largest city in the Southeastern German state of Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim is a prime location to enjoy a camper van tour with rentals available in the area from the trusted partners of motorhomebookers.com. As a base in Western Germany, Mannheim offers convenient road access to Belgium, Luxembourg and Eastern France.

Unlike the majority of Germany's urban centres, Mannheim has a distinctive layout. The city was planned on a grid, and much of the city centre is consequently easy to navigate by road or on foot. Motorhome rentals in Mannheim allow you to explore the area at your own pace and in comfort.

Mannheim has plenty of options for those who would enjoy a guided tour of the city. Various guided tour operators provide services specialising in the city's industrial heritage, green spaces and more.

Top 5 facts about Mannheim

  1. At the centre of Mannheim is a huge Baroque palace that is second only to Versailles in terms of grandeur.
  2. Mannheim's port is well worth a visit because it offers great views into the Rhine Valley and has numerous chic boutiques making it ideal for a casual stroll or a longer walk.
  3. The Jungbusch District of Mannheim, nicknamed little-Berlin, is one of the most culturally diverse parts of Western Germany. It is full of venues, bars and design studios.
  4. A drive to the beautiful Niederbronn-les-Bains in the Northern Voges Regional Natural Park in France takes about an hour and 45 minutes from Mannheim.
  5. Mannheim has a famous Chinese teahouse known throughout the region for its large selection of different tea blends.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Mannheim

Mannheim is located centrally in the Rhine Valley region, which is a good base for visiting other German towns and cities of note. Heidelberg, Mainz, Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden and Koblenz are all within striking distance.

Places of interest in the city itself include Luisenpark, a wide open green area of parkland that offers boating and picnicking spaces. However, the most striking landmark in Mannheim is its telecommunications tower. Visitors can go up to its observation deck to enjoy wide vistas of the city and surrounding countryside.

This makes Mannheim particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

To begin with, Mannheim is served by several Autobahns, so it is easy to get to and away from. However, if you want to take a slower pace, then make your way up and down the Rhine on either bank via the B9 or B36.

Art lovers will also enjoy the fact that Mannheim has a notable city gallery. Located centrally on Friedrichsplatz, the Kunsthalle has its own restaurant and is accessible to visitors with mobility issues. Not far from the gallery is the city's planetarium, which is highly regarded by both locals and tourists.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Mannheim

Most overseas visitors to Mannheim will fly, typically arriving at Frankfurt Airport to the north of the city. Doing so would involve a 45-mile transfer to arrive anywhere close to the city centre. This journey takes about an hour.

Although Mannheim has a great market where visitors might want to wander around for a few choice items, many holidaymakers who rent a camper van prefer a supermarket to stock up in. Other than the city centre stores, there are a number of larger shops located in the Oststadt district off the B37 and the B38.

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Mannheim makes a good place to begin a road trip in Germany. If you are ready to book a camper van, reserve your preferred motorhome model with motorhomebookers.com and start your adventure! We are also available to answer questions about camper van holidays in general or to handle enquiries about travelling by motorhome in Mannheim.

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