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The City of Towers

Located conveniently between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps, Rottweil is a good choice of location to enjoy a camper van holiday through partners of motorhomebookers.com. A town that was once a free imperial city, Rottweil has a distinctive look and feel, ideal for beginning your motorhome getaway if you want to feel as though you are in the heart of Germany.

With a very attractive medieval centre in the Old Town, Rottweil is a blend of the late Romanesque style and High Gothic periods. In addition, the town is well-positioned for the German motorway network. It is just a few minutes from the town to the Bundesautobahn 81, which runs north to Stuttgart or south to the Swiss border.

Whether you want to hop between larger towns and cities in western Germany or would like to enjoy more rural locations, Rottweil is a strong place to start.

Top 5 facts about Rottweil

  1. An unmistakable landmark in Rottweil is its so-called test tower which was opened in 2017 and stands some 247 metres tall with an observation deck visitors can head up to.
  2. The architecturally significant Heilig-Kreuz-Münster has wonderfully colourful windows and stands in the middle of Rottweil's centre.
  3. Rottweil has numerous hiking trails that visitors can enjoy without ever taking a step backwards because many of them run around in convenient loops.
  4. A drive to Zurich in Switzerland is within easy reach of Rottweil and will only take an hour and forty minutes with favourable traffic conditions.
  5. Rottweil has a reputation in the region for good food, and many of the restaurants in the town offer gastronomic dining experiences, typically with local Swabian dishes.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Rottweil

Rottweil is not just a regional town with convenient access to the German countryside but is a cultural destination in its own right. The town has a theatre, and a classical music festival staged at the nearby Hauser Art Foundation. In addition, Rottweil enjoys a jazz scene with frequent gigs and an annual festival.

Places of interest in the town include a doll and toy museum and one devoted to the Roman period when the Rottweil was first settled. Visitors can also learn about the traditional local salt-making industry at the Saltworks Museum, which offers guided tours that can be booked in advance.

This makes Rottweil particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

Rottweil is a true German town. It has many of the facilities and places of interest that you would expect of a larger city, such as Stuttgart or Munich, but also has a cosier and less busy feel. There is a campsite which caters for motorhomes just to the south of the town and another on a small lake a few miles to the northeast.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Rottweil

Most visitors arriving from Rottweil will fly into regional airports located in Stuttgart, Strasbourg or Munich. Depending on which is chosen, the onward transfer to Rotweill will typically take over an hour. However, there are private airstrips more locally at Schwenningen and Degerfeld.

Although Rottweil doesn't offer many boutique shops or high fashion brands, it has everything you might need to stock up on provisions. There is a sizeable supermarket in the middle of the town and another one that is conveniently located at the junction of Schramberger Strasse and the B27 on the town's western outskirts.

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Are you considering Rottweil as your choice of place to begin an adventurous touring holiday in Germany that will mean Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and France are all within a few hours' drive? If so, then book your perfect camper van rental with motorhomebookers.com today. Our approachable team is available to answer questions about motorhome holidays or enquiries about Rottweil.

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