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Germany is a magical place, full of rich history and culture and within driving distance of most of the European continent. Bremen is a state in the northwestern region of Germany, where there is no shortage of culture to experience and food to try.

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Top 5 facts about Bremen

  1. Bremen is actually a city-state in Germany that contains two cities, Bremen and Bremerhaven, and is recorded as having the largest population of any state in Germany.
  2. Despite being nearly an hour’s drive from the coast, Bremen has been an important region for ocean trade because it straddles the Weser River, providing easy access to the North Sea by water.
  3. While you will mostly be travelling around in your campervan, your time in Bremen will be better spent on foot, as there is much to see in a relatively small area, and trams can take you there.
  4. Being in the northwestern corner of Germany, Bremen provides a great starting point for a campervan journey to Berlin, Cologne, and even nearby countries, such as the Netherlands and Denmark.
  5. Bremen is a significant cultural hub in Germany, and you will encounter many galleries, museums, and historical sculptures on your travel through the region.

These highlights await you when you visit Bremen with a motorhome

When visiting Bremen, it can be a little daunting when trying to decide where to go and what to see. As a cultural hub, there is plenty to be experienced, and these are just some of the highlights you should make time for when you arrive in the region in your camper rental.

The “Good Parlour” of Bremen, the city hall in the market square, is over 600 years old and embodies traditional German architecture. Lavishly presented, both inside and out, the building sits proudly among the restaurants and St Peter’s Cathedral and has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not far from the building, you will also find Roland, a 10-metre-tall sculpture that stands in the middle of the market square. Roland is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and represents Charlemagne’s nephew, a folk hero from the Middle Ages.

While in the city of Bremen, you might find a stroll down The Böttcherstraße Art Mile a good way to spend an afternoon. As the name suggests, this path through the city is full of interesting architecture and culturally interesting buildings. Along the way, you will find the Ludwig Roselius Museum, the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, the House of Carillon, and much more.

If you prefer to see the less “touristy” side of the places you visit in your motorhome rental, you can try the “Quarter” walk. This off-the-beaten-track area of Bremen is packed with stores, restaurants, art houses, cinemas, and more, but with a little more of the local flavour.

If history is more your thing, you could try the Schnoor. This part of town is one of the oldest in the city, with houses dating back to the 15th century lining the narrow cobbled streets. Here you will find small stores, artisan studios, and, of course, cafes and restaurants. If you are in the mood for a spot of entertainment while in the area, the Theatership Bremen and the Story House can provide you with that.

These camper routes through Bremen are a must

There are many popular routes that start or end, depending on which way you travel, in Bremen. One of the more popular of those routes is Bremen to Munich, which features roughly 9 hours of driving and takes you through the heart of Germany. Of course, that’s 9 hours of continuous driving, which you are unlikely to be doing in your motorhome rental. Plan for at least three days to properly enjoy the trip, and make a few stops at places like Hannover and Nuremberg along the way.

Of course, not all roads lead to Munich, and you can also make your way to other popular German cities, such as Stuttgart, Cologne, and Frankfurt. One of the advantages of travelling in Europe in a campervan is the proximity to other countries. Should you want to sample more places, you'll find that Europe, France, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and more are within reasonable driving distance.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Bremen

If you want to take advantage of a motorhome rental in Bremen, or anywhere in Germany, for that matter, you will need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s licence and a credit card to pay for the deposit. A standard driving licence is generally acceptable, though you are advised to take an international one if possible.

Be aware that wild camping is prohibited throughout Germany, so you will need to find a campsite or other suitable location where you have permission to park for the night. Various camping sites are available in the area, from basic to fully equipped.

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