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Canada's Province of Contrasts

A British Columbia RV rental offers a way of seeing the countless sights and wonders to be found across this fascinating province of Canada. Whether you prefer to spend your time in a city soaking up urban environs or you would rather head out into nature for a camping trip to remember, British Columbia has it all.

In fact, British Columbia has so much on offer that when you first begin planning your journey, you may have trouble choosing between the many destinations to visit. Even the longest British Columbia RV road trip can only take in so many locations, so you will need to put some thought into which places you want to visit.

Here at motorhomebookers.com, it is our job to help make your RV rentals as simple and as straightforward as possible, and part of that is ensuring that we have trusted partners in British Columbia for your convenience. We also aim to give you a clear idea of which destinations you could be spending time at. Read on for an overview of camping in British Columbia.

Top 5 facts about British Columbia

  1. Stanley Park in Vancouver is located between the waters of English Bay and Burrard Inlet, allowing visitors to step away from the urban sprawl and enjoy the lush greenery.
  2. Tribune Bay has white sand, and its temperate waters make it inviting to swimmers.
  3. As the province is located on Canada's west coast, campers can expect beachside locations; but the province also has many large lakes and other areas of inland water.
  4. The Juan De Fuca trail takes campers through the beaches and rainforests of Vancouver Island.
  5. Vancouver has the highest population density in all of Canada.

These highlights await you when you visit British Columbia with a motorhome

Many people seeking a British Columbia RV rental hope for the picturesque snowy landscapes afforded by the province. British Columbia is home to the adjacent Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, where visitors can enjoy views of glaciers and evergreen woodlands, plus skiing opportunities and the Whistler Blackcomb Resort. There are RV-friendly campsites nearby, though visitors typically take a convenient shuttle bus from Vancouver.

If you would prefer to take your campervan to somewhat warmer climes, then Emerald Lake is waiting for you. Part of the Yoho National Park, which is open to RVs and accessible via the TransCanada Highway, Emerald Lake is located in the Canadian Rockies and is noted for its distinctive blue-green hue, something best appreciated if you arrive in the summertime.

For visitors who prefer to keep their motorhome rentals close to the city, Grouse Mountain offers a means of enjoying the natural beauty of British Columbia while remaining well within driving distance of downtown Vancouver. This area offers a range of activities all year round, from skiing in winter to sunny hikes through the lush woodlands in summer.

The cities in British Columbia you should visit with your camper van!

If you are booking an RV rental in British Columbia, then there is a good chance that you intend to start your journey in Vancouver. One of the main attractions in all of Canada, Vancouver offers sights galore, from the natural beauty of Queen Elizabeth Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden to the many unmissable restaurants of Vancouver's Chinatown.

Another British Columbia city worth visiting is Richmond. Here, visitors can sun themselves at the Iona Beach Regional Park or go on a shopping spree at the Aberdeen Centre. The Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site offers a glimpse into Canada's past, and you can admire the many glistening buildings that embody British Columbia's future.

For lovers of parks, the city of Surrey will be hard to top. Redwood Park, Peach Arch Provincial Park, Blackie Split Park and Tynehead Park are all there to be experienced, and you can also kick back and relax on Crescent Beach. History enthusiasts, meanwhile, will appreciate the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway and Historic Stewart Farm.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through British Columbia

Before you start your adventure across British Columbia, there are some facts and details to take into consideration to avoid any possible barriers. As with rentals in the rest of Canada, British Columbia RV rentals are available only to drivers who are at least 21 years old and have held a full driving licence for at least a year.

Unlike certain parts of Canada where French is prevalent, English speakers are unlikely to run into language issues in British Columbia, where the official language is English. However, one cultural detail to bear in mind is that some areas of British Columbia, like Lake Babine, fall into the territories of Aboriginal Bands; visitors will need to seek permission and show respect.

Rent a motorhome now and discover British Columbia

Our article has shown you all that you need to know to start thinking about British Columbia RV rentals. Your next step will be to plot your journey through this fascinating and beautiful province. You can seek out RV rentals in Vancouver, or if you would prefer a long-haul journey between provinces, you could book in Whitehorse or Edmonton.

If you require additional advice on renting motorhomes and planning your British Columbia adventure, please do not hesitate to contact us at motorhomebookers.com. Our professional team is ready and waiting to give you all of the help that you need!

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