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Fjord Norway is one of the most desirable campervan locations in the world. It’s the official designation of the southwestern Norwegian Fjords region from Flekkerfjord to Kristiansund, an area furrowed by glaciers and towering green peaks. Ferries carry campers across breathtaking fjords through a region of rich and atmospheric windswept islands and traditional fishing towns. Choose the ideal camper vehicle to explore Norway’s fjords with motorhomebookers.com.

Fjord Norway is home to some of the world’s most spectacular drives. Many zig-zagging mountain passes get your camper up close to nature’s work of art, traversing national parks like Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen for sparkling glaciers. Here, you’ll see how Nordic myths and legends took shape in a magical landscape fit for trolls, giants and dwarves. Pitches and campsites are situated right in the heart of Norwegian nature with ample kayaking, hiking and biking excursions.

In this guide, you’ll discover why Fjord Norway is one of the most worthwhile destinations to explore with a campervan. Discover which routes and regions you should visit with your camper hire in Fjord Norway.

Top 5 facts about Fjord Norway

  1. Ålesund: This port town in northern Fjord Norway makes a wonderful stopover with its fine Art Nouveau-style buildings and cosy café culture.
  2. Jotunheimen National Park: With a name meaning "home of the giants", Jotunheimen delivers awe-inspiring views of soaring mountains and elemental nature.
  3. When travelling along narrow roads in Norway, be mindful of passing places and pull over to let traffic overtake you if a queue forms behind.
  4. Scenic roads are a Norwegian speciality with 18 designated routes, including the stunning Atlantic Ocean Road, or County Road 64, gliding over an archipelago.
  5. Trollstigen is one of the world’s most iconic roads as it winds up a hair-raising elevation of 850 metres through Reinheimen National Park.

These highlights await you when you visit Fjord Norway with a motorhome

Fjord Norway is a go-to destination to experience fjords and nature at its rawest. However, it also boasts a number of must-visit towns for those seeking a sense of Norwegian style. Bergen in the west is a scenic heritage city renowned for its colourful timber houses and rich medieval history. In the south, Stavanger boasts some of the country’s best-preserved 18th-century architecture and Norway’s oldest cathedral. The further-south Kristiansand is the country’s premier summer resort with island-hopping beach tours.

Norway boasts over 1,700 named fjords. Each provides its own charm with waterfront pitches to settle in with your camper. Among the highlights are Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, UNESCO-recognised regions that are among the most popular cruising spots. The fjords are blessed by a relatively mild climate, thanks to the Gulf Stream, making them a haven for seals and porpoises. Other notable fjords include Lysefjord, where you can hike the world’s longest wooden staircase at Flørli, and Romsdalsfjord, where you can ascend Nesaksla Mountain by gondola.

These camper routes through Fjord Norway are a must

There are many iconic routes in Fjord Norway, from full round trips from Oslo to specific sections. Here, we’ll look at two of the best road sections. The 68-kilometre Geiranger to Trollstigen road is a nail-biting mountain route that crosses Geirangerfjord and Norddalsfjord for the snaking Trollstigen. This rural route can be incorporated during the warmer months, with winter closures common. Campsites at the halfway point of Gudbrandsjuvet allow you to enjoy the atmosphere.

Ryfylke is a 260-kilometre route with two ferry crossings that climbs 972 metres above sea level. Beginning in Stavanger, you join National Road 13, heading north along the coastal fjords for Sand. This road follows the Suldalslågen River for verdant Suldalsosen, an area rich with tranquil camping grounds. At Håra, you take Road 520 to circle back to Sand via a scenic route that hugs the mountainside and offers richly scenic spots at Rasteplass and Saudafjord.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway is a unique landscape with both perks and challenges. When choosing a campervan, remember that ferry prices are calculated by total vehicle length. Compact campers are also better at navigating the winding, climbing roads of Fjord Norway. Be sure to check road toll information with Autopass, Norway’s automated system. Snowy conditions in winter make the season a challenge, with some roads, bridges and campsites closed. Instead, stick to the May to September period if you want to explore the extreme landscapes.

Major roads in Norway are well-maintained, and traffic jams are rare. As for where to stay, campsites and designated motorhome spaces are recommended. Some cities restrict parking for motorhomes, but you’ll always find somewhere within the vicinity. Pre-booking isn’t always necessary. However, to avoid disappointment at a chosen site, phone the campsite on the day of travel to ensure there is a spot. The minimum age for camper hire is 21 years.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Fjord Norway

A campervan hire in Fjord Norway gives you exceptional freedom to explore the country's coast, fjords and peaks. Norway loves camping, so you’re never short of idyllic campsites to stay at. You can pick up your vehicle from our partners across the country, starting in Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger or Trondheim, among other depots. This is perfect for curated roundtrips or one-way itineraries with separate drop-off points. To book your dream camper hire in Fjord Norway, contact motorhomebookers.com today.

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