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Camper rental in Miami

Your ticket to year-round fun in the sun

Camper rental in Miami allows you to see this Florida city at its finest. Have you ever wondered why they call Miami the Magic City? You'll soon find out! With stunning beaches, gorgeous Art Deco architecture, and world-famous nightlife, a camper rental in Miami will ensure that this city will capture your heart. Hop into your caravan or camper and hit the road! Stay in a campground in the city if you want to indulge in a spot of bar-hopping or, if you're looking for something quieter, try camping amid South Florida nature. Camper rentals in Miami mean that you can discover the Magic City for yourself.

Camping by the beach in Miami for natural bliss

One of the reasons why camper rental in Miami is so popular is its gorgeous beaches. The Florida climate means that the city enjoys great weather all year round. Don't be surprised if you see some people taking a dip in the sea even in winter! South Beach is the most famous of Miami's beaches, with pristine white sand and a promenade for rollerblading, jogging or walking. Outside the city, it's easy to find a campground by the sea, where you can stay close to the beach and enjoy the spectacular nature all around you. For the best beach experience, choose a campground on the Florida Keys. Most of the beaches here face east, so you'll enjoy great sunrises. Some have facilities for water sports, particularly in the summer months. Flyboarding, scuba diving and snorkelling are all popular here, and newcomers are always welcome to try these activities out.

Camper rentals in Miami centre for urban fun

When you think of Florida, you might immediately think of the sea — but camper rental in Miami offers plenty of urban excitement, too. To see the best of the city's art, head to Wynwood Walls. The murals here are a celebration of the best local graffiti artists, with dazzling colours and proud political messages. From your camper or caravan base, you can also explore Miami's culinary scene. This city is renowned for having some of the best restaurants in the United States, with local cuisine heavily influenced by the large Cuban population. From humble neighbourhood eateries to Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants, Miami has something for everyone. Later, you can burn off those calories dancing the night away to Latin rhythms in one of the city's renowned salsa clubs. This is a city where the party never stops. You might not make it back to the campground until sunrise!

The top five places of interest in Miami

  1. South Beach
  2. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  3. Wynwood Walls
  4. Venetian Pool
  5. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Camping in Miami to explore culture and history

The city really came to life in the Gilded Age, and today many of the mansions from this era are open to the public. Many have extensive manicured lawns with colourful orchids and other blossoms to admire. They also boast stunning architecture, some in the Art Deco style, others inspired by Mediterranean traditions with gleaming white walls. You can set up your camper rental in Miami and hop from mansion to mansion. The most famous of these is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, located in Coconut Grove, but the Deering Estate and Merrick House are also worth visiting. Even in the heart of downtown Miami, you'll find some interesting historic architecture. Visit the Art Deco Historic District, where many of the colourful, unusual buildings date back to the 1920s and 1930s. There are some great restaurants here, where you can grab a bite while admiring the architecture on display. The area is also very walkable and houses some of the city's finest boutique shops.

Explore South Florida with camper rentals in Miami

Camping in Miami gives you the chance to take day trips around the nearby area. If you're a lover of the sea, drive your camper or caravan to coastal areas like Key West, West Palm Beach or Delray Beach. Camper rental in Miami helps you discover how each of these areas is different — some are more tranquil, while others are wild party destinations with great bars and restaurants. You'll find campgrounds in many beachside parks, too, where you can stay overnight. If you're craving true wilderness, then head out to the Everglades. Less than an hour's drive from the city, Florida's most famous state park feels like another world altogether. Here there's no trace of urban life. Instead, you'll find a wild environment of mangrove swamps and hidden waterways. You can take a guided tour of this unique landscape — just watch out for the mighty gators that lurk in the water! Camping is available in the Everglades. You can park your camper or caravan inside the park for a night you'll never forget, with the gentle sounds of birds and insects chirping to sing you to sleep. When you drive back to the city the next day, you'll be stunned by the change in scenery.

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Miami South Beach sunrise with lifeguard tower and coastline with colorful cloud and blue sky.

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