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Camper rental in Hesse, the gem of central Germany

Good food, art and culture

Hesse is a scenic central German state that offers a diverse collection of natural and man-made attractions to explore from campervan rentals. The state is set against a backdrop of rolling hills dotted with medieval towns and villages that are well worth a visit. For those seeking a more modern approach, Frankfurt — Hesse’s largest city — offers skyscrapers and almost every modern convenience you can imagine. One of the most charming ways to explore Hesse is at your own pace, by campervan rentals, and the region offers all the facilities needed for an unforgettable camping holiday.

Scenic Hesse in Central Germany

A camper rental in Hesse allows you to take your time to enjoy the scenery, which features rolling hills and low mountain ranges. Over time, winding rivers, such as the Main, Lahn, Fulda and Eder, have created peaceful valleys through these hills and mountains. The area's natural landscape is one of its biggest attractions, and this is especially true when travelling by camper since you can immerse yourself in the landscape as you comfortably travel through it. Many of these picturesque locations are easily accessible by campervan, providing many opportunities to take splendid pictures. In Hesse, you can often find campsites located in scenic surroundings, giving campers an opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque surroundings.

Splendid architecture and lively urban areas in Hesse, Germany

Hesse doesn’t disappoint when it comes to man-made attractions to park your camper and peruse. The state capital, Wiesbaden, is filled with interesting architecture, such as the “Kurhaus”, which was built in a neo-classical style. Wiesbaden is also known as “the Nice of the North” because of the many hot springs and spas that can be found in the city: perfect for parking your camper rental and relaxing. Hesse is also home to Frankfurt am Main, one of Germany’s biggest cities and liveliest metropolitan areas. Frankfurt is known as a financial centre of Germany and Europe, with international banking headquarters housed in iconic modern skyscrapers that give Frankfurt am Main its distinctive skyline. The skyscrapers are intertwined with medieval buildings, which survived the heavy bombing of the second world war, and this is how Frankfurt am Main came to have such an interesting mix of modern and traditional architecture. Thus, there is something for every camper in Hesse, from historical to contemporary.

The home of fairy tale castles

If you want to experience a true fairy tale, Northern Hesse is the perfect place to visit on your camping trip. The Brothers Grimm lived in this area for several years, and it is believed that many of their fairy tales are inspired by the tales of this region. Fairy tale castles like Löwenburg Castle and Hoher Meißner can be found in Northern Hesse, making it the ideal location to visit with a camper van. The region is also covered in forests, which makes it a great place for hiking trips. Many campsites can be found near hiking trails, giving hikers a base from which to explore the area. Wilhelmshöhe Castle is another highlight that can be found in this part of Hesse and delights visitors with a collection of water features that were built many years ago.

Top five attractions in Hesse, Germany

  1. There are so many great sights to see when camping in this part of Germany that it is difficult to name just the top five. However, there are a few standout sights that you should include on any camper van trip to the area. Here is our list of the top five things you must experience in Hesse:
  2. Frankfurt am Main: As the largest city in Hesse, this can be appreciated by making your way to one of the many observation points in the city's skyscrapers for a unique view of the interesting architecture.
  3. Wiesbaden and surroundings: The capital of Hesse — Wiesbaden — is more than just a spa town where campers can unwind in the hot waters. This culture-rich city is a must when visiting Hesse, especially for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
  4. Hiking Trails: Hesse is known for its natural beauty, which can be best appreciated on foot. The region is dotted with scenic hiking trails that wind through the countryside and hills.
  5. Lorsch Abbey: As one of three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hesse, Lorsch Abbey is worth visiting for those who appreciate history and architecture. The abbey dates back to the ninth century and is one of Germany's most important Carolingian buildings.
  6. Rhine Valley: Another UNESCO World Heritage site, the Upper Middle Rhine valley, which stretches from Bingen to Koblenz, spoils visitors with scenic vistas. This is worth driving through and making a stop in your camper.

These are just a few of the sights that Hesse has to offer and are by no means an extensive list. Camping in Hesse is all about experiencing nature first-hand, and there are campsites in the region for every type of camper.

Camper rental in Hesse offers something for everyone

No matter what type of holiday you are looking for, Hesse has something to offer for everyone. Discover the best of Hesse from a camper van: the luxurious spa surroundings of Wiesbaden, beautiful forests and trails, the fairy tale castles of Northern Hesse and the exciting metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, courtesy of motorhomebookers.

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