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A multicultural coastal city

Durban is a city on the east coast of South Africa that offers much in the way of diverse culture. From the Indian Quarter to the Durban Botanic Gardens, there is no shortage of places for you to experience if you are interested in camper van hire in Durban, which is why you’ll find motorhomebookers.com partners throughout the region.

Keep reading to learn more about Durban and why it's a perfect destination for camper holidays.

Top 5 facts about Durban

  1. Durban’s Gateway Shopping Centre has more than 350 stores, 70 restaurants, 18 movie theatres, indoor climbing and a skate park; it is also the second-largest shopping centre in Africa.
  2. Durban is one of the fastest-growing areas in South Africa, with its population increasing by as much as 300,000 over the last 15 years.
  3. Known as the Golden Mile, Durban’s beachfront is home to a bustling collection of high-rise hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment complexes, and makes a great place to spend a day.
  4. One of the more popular road trip routes, and a good blueprint for campervan holidays, sees you follow the South African coastline all the way to Cape Town, covering over 1,800 kilometres in the process.
  5. Durban plays host to one of the greatest animal migrations in the world, known as the Sardine Run, when billions of sardines travel up the coastline, bringing all manner of animals in their wake.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Durban

Durban is located along the eastern coastline of South Africa, giving you and your motorhome rental immediate access to the country's east coast. From there, you can head north towards Kruger National Park or follow the coast west to the popular destinations of Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

However, there is plenty to explore before you head out of the city. For example, the affectionately-named Golden Mile beachfront promenade is a tourist destination in its own right, with hotels, entertainment centres and restaurants galore.

For something a little more relaxing, there are the Durban Botanic Gardens, the oldest surviving botanic garden in Africa. They were established in the mid-19th century and are home to a host of exotic subtropical plants.

Durban is home to a large Indian population; you can sample that rich culture in the Indian Quarter. Located in the Victoria Street Market and Juma Masjid Mosque, there is actually more than just Indian wares to enjoy, with Chinese, Pakistani, and Somali street vendors also represented in the multicultural mix.

This makes Durban particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

Durban’s prime location along the east coast of South Africa puts it within ideal driving distance of many of the country’s more interesting locations. Naturally, when taking a road trip in a motorhome, you want to spend some time on the road, so it's fortunate that the roads out of Durban are scenic. You won't be disappointed if you head west along the coast or north into the country’s interior.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Durban

Most rental companies will require you to be at least 23 years old to enjoy one of their motorhome rentals, though some may rent to 21-year-olds. It’s also important to note that, in the vast majority of situations, you will need to find a designated camping spot to park your motorhome in for the night or get permission from the landowner if you are on private land.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Durban

Durban can accommodate you if you are looking for culture, nature, or a traditional tourist experience. And that’s before you head out of the city in your camper to explore the rest of South Africa. When you’re ready to look at motorhome rentals for your next holiday, head over to motorhomebookers.com.

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