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When you rent an RV in Baton Rouge, you'll discover a fascinating part of the United States. The capital of Louisiana is the home of Cajun and Creole culture, and its unique history and traditions make it one of the country's most interesting cities. Baton Rouge motorhome rentals will let you see it for yourself, as well as give you a base to explore Louisiana and beyond. motorhomebookers.com have found the best partners to make your RV trip in Baton Rouge get off to the perfect start.


From mansions and castles to a World War II warship, this city has plenty of things to visit. Rent a motorhome in Baton Rouge to explore all that it has to offer, from its history as one of America's most important French colonies to its current identity as a thriving modern city. Keep reading to learn why renting a motorhome in Baton Rouge will lead you to the holiday of a lifetime!

Top 5 facts about Baton Rouge

  1. The Old State Capitol: this enormous Gothic castle was controversial when it was built in 1849, but today it's one of the city's most visited buildings.
  2. The Mississippi River: the mighty Mississippi is the lifeblood of Baton Rouge and is ideal for hiking alongside.
  3. Swamps: Louisiana is famous for its swamps, so take care when navigating your RV!
  4. The Great River Road: follow the path of the Mississippi from Baton Rouge to the delta for an unforgettable road trip.
  5. College football: Baton Rouge goes wild during football season, so be prepared for chaos if you visit on a Saturday night.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Baton Rouge

You might be surprised by the architecture around you when you rent an RV in Baton Rouge. This city has many unusual, European-inspired buildings. Start with the Old State Capitol, a Gothic castle that today houses Louisiana's Museum of Political History. Complete with stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings, this building is sure to be a highlight of your stay when you rent a motorhome in Baton Rouge. The beautiful St Joseph's Cathedral is nearby and well worth a visit.

Take advantage of Baton Rouge RV rentals to visit the USS Kidd. This rare World War II warship is now permanently docked in Baton Rouge. Today, it serves as the Veterans and Memorial Museum and provides a fascinating insight into US military history. History comes to life in this family-friendly museum, a great choice for anyone who chooses to rent a camper van in Baton Rouge.

This makes Baton Rouge particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

Rent an RV in Baton Rouge to explore the surrounding region. The most famous road trip is undoubtedly the Great River Road, which follows the path of the Mississippi. This scenic route will take you south to New Orleans, and from there, you can continue to the city of Venice, on the edge of the Delta National Wildlife Refuge. Along the way, you can explore the charms of Cajun Country and visit historic old Southern mansions.

If you've got more time, make your Baton Rouge motorhome rental the start of an epic trip. Heading north up the Great River Road will take you up the Mississippi, through Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota. This incredible journey takes you from the American South into the heart of the Midwest before reaching the Great Lakes. It's one of the best ways to see the real America, so often overlooked by travellers who prefer the coastal cities. You'll also see how the landscape changes as you cross the country from south to north.

Camper van rental: useful information for your trip to Baton Rouge

You can fly into Baton Rouge to start your RV adventure, but it might be easier to connect through New Orleans International Airport. There are 81 miles between the two cities. Regular shuttle connections make the journey quick and easy, so it won't take long to reach your destination and rent a motorhome in Baton Rouge.

If you're following the Great River Road, look out for signs showing a green ship's wheel. The route itself is actually made up of many different roads. They are marked with this symbol, but drivers sometimes overlook it and get lost. Take a good look at the map when you rent an RV in Baton Rouge, and familiarise yourself with the Great River Road sign before you start.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Baton Rouge

Discover the unique charms of Louisiana, with its swamps, bayous and remarkable blend of culture. Rent an RV in Baton Rouge and explore a truly intriguing part of the United States. Delve deep into Lousianan culture, or head north for an epic road trip that follows the Mississippi River. Whatever you want to do, your trip is sure to be a great one when you rent a motorhome in Baton Rouge.

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