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Harsh coast and historic sites

A motorhome rental in Lower Saxony will give you the freedom and flexibility to easily get out and explore this beautiful part of Germany. The region is home to spectacular and diverse scenery from the Harz Mountains to the North Sea coastline, as well as a unique culture and history dating back to early medieval times.

Lower Saxony is the only state in Germany that has both mountains and a coastline within its borders. As such, it is a much sought-after destination for those wishing to experience these dramatically different landscapes within easy reach of each other, as well as towns and villages dating back hundreds of years.

No matter where you are, you may hire a campervan from motorhomebookers.com anywhere in Lower Saxony. We have rental partners all across the region that can help you get set up and ready to go. Here are some of the benefits of renting a campervan for your visit to Lower Saxony.

Top 5 facts about Lower Saxony

  1. Goslar and Lüneburg are two towns with well-preserved buildings and streets that have existed for around 1000 years.
  2. The Wadden Sea World Heritage site stretches across the coast of Lower Saxony and is home to a unique ecosystem of marine and bird life.
  3. Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, features some fantastic historical attractions, such as the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen and the nearby Marienburg Castle.
  4. The Harz mountains offer visitors several scenic trails and the opportunity to see native wildlife up close, in addition to a number of activities, including skiing and biking.
  5. Just off the coast of Lower Saxony, the East Frisian Islands allow visitors to relax and enjoy lush forests, sandy white beaches and idyllic coastal villages.

These highlights await you when you visit Lower Saxony with a motorhome

One of the highlights of visiting Lower Saxony on a motorhome holiday is its beautiful historic towns and villages. Goslar is situated within the Harz mountains, and its buildings and town centre have remained much as they were in medieval times. Lüneburg is another town with a well-preserved medieval town centre, not to mention the nearby Lüneburg Heath is popular for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Braunschweig is another medieval town that has been meticulously restored to its original beauty after much of it was damaged during the Second World War.

Lower Saxony is also a favourite destination for its Baroque-style castles and churches. Must-see sights include the magnificent New Town Hall in Hanover, the Lower Saxony State Museum, Marienburg Castle and the famous Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. Other historical sites found throughout Lower Saxony include the beautiful Celle Castle, Masch Park in Hanover, and the 11th-century Bentheim Castle near Teutoburger Forest.

The Harz Mountain National Park area provides visitors with everything from scenic mountain trails through forests and valleys to picturesque mountainside towns and ski resorts that are especially popular in winter. The area features unique wildlife, such as the black stork, red deer, European wildcats, and Eurasian lynx, making it an excellent place to observe these animals up close and in their natural habitat.

Head to the coast of Lower Saxony to visit the Wadden Sea World Heritage site, home to 10000 animal and plant life species, including migratory birds, seals and more. From there, take a trip to the East Frisian Islands, where you can enjoy the beaches, forests and several coastal villages, plus relax in one of the wellness spas.

These camper routes through Lower Saxony are a must

There are many spectacular scenic routes you will be able to explore in Lower Saxony when you hire a campervan. The German Fehn Route is a great place to experience where Germany meets the Netherlands, with plenty of canals, windmills, and Dutch-inspired towns. The UNESCO World Heritage Route 1 also explores the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony along with its many coastal towns and national parks.

The Lower Saxony Asparagus Road, named after the vegetable that is cultivated in the region, will take you through several historic towns and regions, including Hanover, Braunschweig, and the beautiful Lüneburg Heath region. Finally, take a ride on the German Fairy Tale Route to explore several sites in Lower Saxony and beyond associated with the famous fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Lower Saxony

The best airports for arriving in Lower Saxony are in Bremen and Hanover, though it is also reachable by airports in Hamburg, Münster/Osnabrück, Paderborn and Dortmund. Many cities in Lower Saxony are connected via the Deutsche Bahn ICE rail network if arriving by train. Regardless of where you start your journey when you reserve your campervan rental via motorhomebookers.com, you will be able to choose from a selection of rental partners around these destinations.

Opportunities for motorhome camping can be found throughout Lower Saxony. Some excellent camping sites include Südsee-Camp on the Lünenburger Heide, Campsite Sonnenberg between the cities of Hamburg and Hanover, and Campingplatz Eulenburg near the Harz mountains.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony is an exciting destination where you can experience the beautiful scenery from mountains to sea, plus many historical towns, castles and churches that have been well-preserved since medieval times. Book a campervan with motorhomebookers.com now to begin immersing yourself in the wonders of Lower Saxony and beyond.

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