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Mountains, lakes and coastal landscapes

New Jersey is one of the smallest states, which makes it ideal to explore in an RV. When you rent an RV in New Jersey, you'll find something exciting at every turn. From beautiful beaches to haunted hotels, this compact state packs a serious punch. Whether you're looking for picturesque waterfalls or abundant forests, this is the place to be. At motorhomebookers.com, we've got together with the best local rental partners, making it easy for you to plan your dream holiday in New Jersey.

New Jersey RV rentals are ideal if you're planning a road trip. You can stay in the state, exploring every corner of this magical landscape, or go further afield. From New Jersey, it's easy to hop across the state border to visit New York or head north into New England's famous foliage. Read on for a complete guide to all you need to know when you rent an RV in New Jersey.

Top 5 facts about New Jersey

  1. Atlantic City: with the world's oldest boardwalk, beautiful beaches and wild casinos, Atlantic City is an eternally popular destination.
  2. Great Falls: the most powerful waterfall in New Jersey can be seen in the Paterson National Park. Cross the footbridge to feel the refreshing water spray on your skin.
  3. Winter snows: take care when driving in winter, as the New Jersey roads can get seriously icy.
  4. Jersey Shore road trip: hug the coast in this road trip, stopping at some of the most charming beach towns in the country.
  5. Italian-American food: with a large Italian-American community, New Jersey just might be one of the best states to tuck into a lasagne or a plate of gnocchi.

These highlights await you when you visit New Jersey with a motorhome

Atlantic City has long been the most popular tourist destination in the state, and it remains a highlight for visitors who want to rent an RV in New Jersey. It is known for its boardwalk, packed with old-time seaside attractions, numerous casinos and beautiful beaches. Don't miss a ride on the traditional Ferris wheel. Atlantic City also has some luxury spas if you're more into relaxation than gaming.

On the border with Philadelphia, the Delaware Water Gap is another hotspot to enjoy when you rent an RV in New Jersey. Spread out over 70,000 acres. This park runs alongside the winding Delaware River. It's a popular location for hiking and admiring the forest landscape and features the grassy Turtle Beach, which offers the chance for some inland sunbathing.

Want the best views of New York City? You've come to the right place! For stunning vistas across the Manhattan skyline, rent an RV in New Jersey and drive to the Hudson River Waterfront north of Jersey City. There's no better place to take photos of the city skyline.

These camper routes through New Jersey are a must

The Jersey Shore had been a popular destination long before MTV came along. You can explore it for yourself in your New Jersey rental motorhome. A good starting point is Long Branch, in the north of the state. The drive to Cape May spans 179 miles, but it's best to give yourself a few days, as you'll find plenty of places to stop along the way. Ashbury Park is known for its amazing live music scene, while Point Pleasant has a charmingly old-fashioned boardwalk. Of course, you'll also take in the famous Atlantic City and neighbouring Ocean City, where sports fans can try kayaking or paddleboarding. You'll finish in the peaceful surrounds of Cape May, admiring the setting sun from the well-named Sunset Beach. Watch out for Cape May's Hotel Macomber, said to be haunted by several ghosts.

For an inland road trip, rent an RV in New Jersey and drive to High Point. It's a short hike up to the summit of this peak, which is indeed the state's highest point and offers gorgeous views over the Delaware River. Your drive, heading southwest, will take you through the Delaware Water Gap, where you can admire Buttermilk Falls and the Worthington State Forest. This area is ideal for renting a kayak or canoe and paddling down the river. As you continue, you can visit more natural wonders like the Great Falls Historical Park, or the majestic Bearfort Mountain Natural Area, where hawks can often be spotted. This road trip is particularly good in autumn when the golden and orange foliage will add a breathtaking backdrop.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through New Jersey

When you rent an RV in New Jersey, you should look for designated spots to spend the night. RV camping is often free at particular areas of city, county and state parks. Expect campgrounds along the Jersey Shore to fill up fast in summer.

New Jersey RV rentals in winter bring their own challenges. Snow is very common in the state, so make sure your motorhome is properly equipped. Drive carefully and pay attention to local weather warnings.

Rent a motorhome now and discover New Jersey

Are you ready to discover one of the most charming, historic parts of the United States? The Jersey Shore is waiting for you, and so are the state's forests, rivers and more. Contact motorhomebookers today to plan your road trip across New Jersey and beyond!

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