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Starting your camper adventure from Sydney

When you rent a camper van in New South Wales, you'll discover some of Australia's most beautiful landscapes. From the vibrant, bustling city of Sydney to the dizzying Blue Mountains, this state offers adventure at every turn. At motorhomebookers.com, we've put together some of the best rental partners in the area to help your New South Wales motorhome odyssey get off to a great start.

Beach or mountain? If you can't decide, you've come to the right place! New South Wales motorhome rentals let you see it all, from the jaw-dropping curves of the Grand Pacific Drive to the striking rock formations at Cathedral Rock Park. Drive into the heart of the rainforest and discover some of Australia's most beautiful native wildlife. Our guide explains everything you need to know about renting a motorhome in New South Wales.

Top 5 facts about New South Wales

  1. Sydney: with its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney may not be the capital of Australia, but it's undoubtedly the country's most famous city.
  2. Budderoo National Park: there are several rainforest areas in NSW, but Budderoo is one of the best. Be sure to visit the Minnamurra Falls, and keep your eyes peeled for swamp wallabies and water dragons.
  3. Long, lonely roads: double-check your route before starting. Distances on Australia's endless roads are often longer than you might expect.
  4. Grand Pacific Drive: this winding highway hugs the coast, offering breathtaking views at every turn.
  5. Native wildlife: don't be surprised to see a mob of kangaroos beside the road. Take care when driving, as the 'roos are not known for their street smarts.

These highlights await you when you visit New South Wales with a motorhome

Most travellers who rent a motorhome in New South Wales will start in Sydney. Even if you can only spare a day or two, this vibrant, cosmopolitan city is definitely worth your while. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are the most famous sights, but the city is also known for its wild nightlife, excellent restaurants and great shopping.

The majestic Blue Mountains are a great place to park your New South Wales rental camper and go for a hike. Visit Wentworth Falls or admire the Three Sisters, a trio of mighty sandstone rock formations. The Blue Mountains are also home to the ancient Jenolan Caves, filled with eerily beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Australia is known for its surfing. Want to combine your New South Wales motorhome rental trip with catching some waves? Head to Byron Bay, in the north of New South Wales. This is a surfer's paradise, but even if you don't want to put on a wetsuit, you'll be enchanted by the sight of dolphins and whales and the nearby rainforests of Wollumbin National Park.

These camper routes through New South Wales are a must

For an epic adventure, rent a motorhome in New South Wales and follow the Grand Pacific Highway. Start in Sydney and head out across the Sea Cliff Bridge, a monumental piece of engineering that juts out directly over the water of the Pacific. Continue to the charming seaside town of Shellharbour, where you can see one of Australia's biggest Aboriginal archaeological sites and enter the rainforest. Admire the natural blowhole at Kiama, and sip a glass of local wine at Coolangatta. Finish your trip at Jervis Bay, one of Australia's top whale-watching spots.

Prefer to see some mountains when you rent a camper van in New South Wales? Take a NSW road trip around the Blue Mountains. Drive from Sydney to Katoomba, where you can stretch your legs with a walk to admire the Three Sisters rock formations. Continue to Oberon, where the arid landscape becomes green, and the mighty Jenolan Caves will take you on a trip back in time. Beyond that lies Bilpin, known as the heart of Australia's apple country and famous for its locally produced ciders and sweet treats. Finish in the bird-watching mecca of Dharug National Park, where you can relax by the soothing waters of the Hawkesbury River before driving back to Sydney.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through New South Wales

Wild camping is not permitted in Australia, so look for official campsites when you rent a motorhome in New South Wales. Expect long roads. It's important when driving in Australia to plan carefully and always have enough fuel and food. You may find yourself without a phone signal in rural areas, so having paper versions of maps is a good idea.

Australia is known for its wildlife. Some animals and reptiles even come into urban areas, so always be alert in your New South Wales rental motorhome. It's a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your camper van at all times and to be prepared for insects and other irritants. It's best to avoid driving at night, as nocturnal kangaroos can be a hazard when they cross the road.

Rent a motorhome now and discover New South Wales

Spectacular mountains, stunning coastal views, thriving cities and decadent winelands. New South Wales has it all! When you rent a motorhome in New South Wales, you can begin a beautiful journey into the heart of Australia. This is a land of dreams, from arid sandstone landscapes to lushly canopied rainforests.

Plan your New South Wales motorhome adventure today and prepare for the holiday of a lifetime with motorhomebookers.com!

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