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Impressive cliffs, endless coasts, historic buildings

Normandy has a long and glorious history worth exploring on an RV trip. Book a motorhome or campervan from motorhomebookers.com to discover this destination. The Normandy region runs from Le Treport in the north to the English Channel and Granville in the south. Each area of Normandy has exciting attractions; whether it's the long coastline with sweeping sandy beaches or the scenic countryside, there are plenty of places to visit.

Attractions in Normandy include D-Day landing beaches and World War II Sites and touring the landscape of D-Day is a memorable experience. For instance, visiting Memorial de Caen gives you an overview of World War II with the impressive exhibitions and dioramas of the attack on Pearl Harbour and the Battle of Normandy.

Exciting outdoor sites to explore in Normandy include beautiful sandy beaches, vineyards and chalk cliffs. Be sure to stop by the chalk cliffs of Etretat on your RV camping trip in Audemer. You can explore the famous points of the rocks like the l’Aiguille, which rises 70 metres above the ocean, or the Manneporte. Normandy offers exciting places to explore on your extended motorhome holiday with attractions for different tastes.

Top 5 facts about Normandy

  1. A must-visit attraction site in Normandy is the Mont Saint-Michel, an Abbey soaring 100 metres above the sea with Gothic spires.
  2. Visit Etretat and marvel at the white limestone cliffs on Normandy’s Cote d’Albatre coastline. The cliffs are 90 metres high and provide a viewpoint and panoramic vistas.
  3. Fecamp in Cote d’Albatre provides a beautiful beach vacation with refreshing ocean scenery amid an artsy setting. Ancient castles and an abbey surround the church.
  4. Explore the D-Day landing beaches to learn the history of Normandy during World War II. The route has various museums, including the Memorial Museum and Arromanches D-Day Museum.
  5. Visit Le Bec-Hellouin village tucked away in a peaceful valley dotting Normandy’s rural landscape.

These highlights await you when you visit Normandy with a motorhome

Normandy has varied landscapes and a rich history: the region offers a lot to campers. Whether you want to drive across the gorgeous countryside, woodlands and coastline, Normandy has got you covered. You can also visit the impressive ancient towns of Rouen, splendid churches, like one of France's emblematic attractions Mont Saint-Michel, and impressive castles.

Along the coastline, limestone cliffs drop off into the ocean at Etretat, while lower Normandy has peaceful valleys that you can drive through for scenic views. Nature lovers can camp near the idyllic pastoral area in Suisse Normande. You can explore the vast landscapes and wineries and enjoy outdoor sports in the open spaces.

For history buffs, there is plenty to discover on a campervan holiday in Normandy. Explore the history of World War II by exploring D-Day landing beaches. Normandy was affected by the German occupation during the world war, and you can visit the battle sites. Campers can visit memorial museums, military cemeteries and D-Day landing beaches, including Arromanches Beach and Omaha Beach.

These camper routes through Normandy are a must.

You will have a lot of appealing sites to explore in Normandy, including beach resorts, medieval towns, fishing villages and Gothic castles. Start your camping route from Giverny, the popular colourful village depicted by the famous painter Monet. You can visit the gardens and artists' homes on your camper trip. From Giverny, proceed with your motorhome journey to Lyons la Foret, 50 kilometres away. You can camp in the fairytale beech forest or explore the beautiful village.

Be sure to stop by Rouen, a few kilometres from Lyons la Foret. The ancient enchanting town allows you to encounter history and art. The notable landmarks in Rouen include The Cathedral of Rouen and Notre Dame; you can marvel at the beautiful architecture and Monet paintings. You can also explore several museums in the city, including the Museum of Fine Arts and Natural Sciences.

From Rouen city, follow the route to Pont Audemer, the Venice of Normandy. The canals flow between the villages, creating beautiful scenery for road drives and outdoor activities. During your stay, spend the day at the Evreux, one of the region's oldest cities, and explore the Gallic-Roman history and sights. If you want to discover the natural beauty of Normandy, the chalk cliffs of Etretat are a must-visit place. One of the famous points of the cliffs is the Manneporte and l’Aiguille, which rises 70 metres above the ocean.

Campervan hire: Useful information for a trip through Normandy

When planning a campervan holiday in Normandy, you should understand the rules of camping in France. For instance, you can park your motorhome or campervan in the wild. You can also park by the roadsides or in car parks. The main restrictions to wild camping are parking on the coast, classified historical monuments and protected natural sites. You will find signs prohibiting motorhome parking in designated areas.

The minimum driver age for renting a motorhome in France is 21 years, but some rental companies will only rent to adults above 25 years. You can visit Normandy between June to August. The camping season begins in May to mid-October due to the pleasant weather.

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