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Pure industrial culture and nature!

North Rhine-Westphalia is a populous state in Germany with bustling urban centres to explore. Get a motorhome or campervan from motorhomebookers.com and explore the medieval gems, fascinating fairy-tale castles and historical monuments. North Rhine-Westphalia is in Western Germany and is the best destination for campers looking for a blend of natural and historical sites. You will have plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, from hiking mountain trails to sightseeing in national parks.

A must-visit attraction in North Rhine-Westphalia is Cologne Cathedral and Beethoven House. The cathedral is a renowned landmark and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Campers can also follow the route of Charlemagne in Aachen and discover the history and architectural prowess of the city. If you want to drive through beautiful landscapes, go for a wine-tasting trip in Ahrtal or spend the day exploring the rolling hills of the Ahr Valley. The area has scenic hiking trails, vineyards, medieval monasteries and ruins dotting the valley.

Renting a campervan or motorhome allows you to savour the little green island in North Rhine-Westphalia and enjoy breathtaking views from Bad Honnef. You can park your camper and go for a boating trip or picnic at the 15-hectare park near the island. Discover the exciting places to visit with a campervan in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Top 5 facts about North Rhine-Westphalia

  1. Cologne Cathedral is a remarkable landmark in North Rhine-Westphalia, standing at 157 metres and houses the shrine of The Three Wise Men.
  2. The Siebengebirge mountain range is a combination of 40 ancient volcanic hills between Bad Honnef and Konigswinter.
  3. Surreal rock formations can be found in the middle of Teutoburg Forest. The Externsteine juts from the surrounding trees, creating a natural monument.
  4. The Charlemagne route in Aachen follows strategic locations with cathedrals, the Gothic Town Hall and historical buildings.
  5. The industrial heritage of North Rhine-Westphalia can be delved into at the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, which was converted into a museum after 140 years in operation.

These highlights await you when you visit North Rhine-Westphalia with a motorhome

North Rhine-Westphalia is a beautiful region for campers to explore the history and beauty of Germany. On your motorhome holiday, ensure you visit the Cologne Cathedral. The cathedral survived World War II, which had turned the rest of the city to rubble. You can view the old town's cobbled streets from the twin spirals overlooking the city centre. A castle worth checking out is the Drachenburg Castle near Bonn. It was used as an elite Nazi college before World War II.

Dusseldorf’s pompous mansion, Benrath Palace, is a must-visit landmark in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can explore the architectural masterpieces with their Baroque and Rococo elements, vast parks and gardens. You can also spend the day driving through vineyards and scenic hiking trails at Ahr Valley in Ahrweiler. The beautiful villages provide impressive landscapes to explore. Eifel National Park gives campers an attractive outdoor space for exploring the dense forests or trekking the riverside trails. You can spot wild cats and enjoy the green spaces in the 110 square kilometres.

If you want to explore beautiful ruins, Dusseldorf provides impressive ruins of the Imperial Palace Kaiserswerth. The expansive area comprises a garden and a trail through the wilderness through River Rhine. You can find various viewing points and walls with exciting works of art.

The cities in North Rhine-Westphalia you should visit with your camper van!

North Rhine-Westphalia cities provide fascinating medieval attractions for you to visit on your motorhome holiday. Dusseldorf is a must-visit city in the region with its ancient churches and castles. You will get a chance to visit Benrath Palace and the Kaiserfalz ruins or marvel at the futuristic architecture of the Gehry buildings. Alternatively, stroll along the old town square and enjoy a walk into history. If you want to get panoramic views of the city, stop by the Rheinturm observation deck.

Cologne city promises plenty of attractions. From the Cologne Cathedral to picturesque bridges, you are guaranteed a great experience. Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides a glimpse into the history of Germany. You can see the Shrine of the Three Kings, check out the art exhibitions or follow the footsteps of the pilgrims.

Another captivating city to visit in North Rhine-Westphalia is Bonn. It is an ancient German city and the former capital of the country. It offers an enviable heritage, and you can enjoy the culture and history of the region by visiting the Koenig Museum and Poppelsdorf Palace.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through North Rhine-Westphalia

If you want to enjoy your North Rhine-Westphalia campervan holiday, the weather has to play along. North Rhine-Westphalia is a warm region in Germany with a few beautiful summer months. The winters are extremely cold, but you can go for your campervan holiday between June and September when the weather is warm. Hiring a motorhome in Germany requires a minimum age of 21 years. However, some rental companies require campervan drivers to be 25 years to avoid incurring a surcharge.

Wild camping is prohibited in North Rhine-Westphalia, and you must park in the designated campervan parks. If you camp in restricted areas, you risk attracting a penalty.

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Explore the history and stunning landscapes of North Rhine-Westphalia with a campervan or motorhome from motorhomebookers.com. You can pick your campervan from various cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, including Dusseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund, Aachen or Bad Essen.

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