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From Lofoten Islands to the North Cape

Explore the land of hidden treasures and fantastic fjords in style with a campervan from motorhomebookers.com. Fjords in Norway created stunning inlets shaped by glaciers that provide picturesque views. Besides the breathtaking views of the villages and snow-capped mountains, Northern Norway is famous for the aurora borealis. Its proximity to the Arctic Circle makes it the ideal place to watch the Northern Lights.

Northern Norway is a vast region offering varied landscapes. For instance, the mountains of Lofoten provide picturesque scenery, while the areas east of Tromso are barren and open for leisurely drives. You will fully appreciate the Arctic setting by climbing Storsteinen Mountain, which is 421 metres above sea level. You can climb the mountain in summer.

The majority of Norway's indigenous people live in Northern Norway. That means you can experience Sami culture. Spend your campervan holiday with the Sami people and enjoy their culture through the outdoor lifestyle, vivid costumes and folk songs known as joik. The beauty and natural wonders of Northern Norway make it the perfect destination for an extended holiday.

Top 5 facts about Northern Norway

  1. Visit the northernmost point of Europe at the North Cape. The plateau is 307 metres above the Arctic Sea, making it the perfect location for watching the Northern Lights.
  2. Explore the Vesteralen Archipelago, located between fjords and mountains and surrounded by tranquil beaches.
  3. Vega Archipelago is a must-see destination in Northern Norway, with a group of 500 islands in the Norwegian Sea.
  4. Spend a day in the Arctic Cathedral in Tromso and enjoy the impressive architecture inspired by the Arctic winter ice.
  5. Explore the variety of flora and fauna in Svalbard, from polar bears to Arctic foxes. The island is covered in ice during winter, and you can find huge icebergs and glaciers.

These highlights await you when you visit Northern Norway with a motorhome

Northern Norway is a scenic playground for nature lovers to explore in a motorhome or campervan. From adventurous outdoor activities like hiking and skiing to enjoying picturesque mountain views, Northern Norway has something for everyone, including beautiful scenery and culture. Here, you can discover the fascinating culture of the Sami people and marvel at the spectacle of the Northern Lights.

Rent a motorhome and start your holiday in Tromso. The lively city gives you an insight into Arctic history, culture and cuisine. With the beautiful landscapes of fjords, islands and mountains, you can use it as an introduction to the beautiful Arctic wilderness. Aside from chasing the Northern Lights, you can hike up Mount Storsteinen or drive through the forested islands.

Another must-visit location is the rugged and diverse Svalbard, deep in the Arctic. Svalbard is halfway to the North Pole and is characterised by glaciers, polar bears and monumental mountains. Campers can visit Svalbard for kayaking, trekking and watching wildlife. Since Svalbard has a series of islands, you can cruise to Ny-Alesund, the walrus-inhabited island of Moffen, and Kvitøya.

The cities in Northern Norway you should visit with your camper van!

On your campervan holiday to Northern Norway, ensure you visit the following locations for the best attractions. Lofoten Island, located above the Arctic Circle, provides an off-the-beaten-path option for campers seeking adventure. You can go fishing or kayaking between the islands. An alternative is to explore the picturesque scenery or drive through the quaint villages. The wilderness outpost has spectacular mountains, pretty fjords and seabirds.

If you want to visit the famous North Cape, take a trip to the Nordkapp region. It is the northernmost part of Europe, making it the perfect destination to catch the polar lights. Apart from the lighthouse and viewing point for the aurora borealis, Nordkapp is known for its large colonies of birds and outdoor adventures, including fishing and whale watching.

Bodo is the second-largest city in Northern Norway, sitting north of the Arctic Circle. Since it is situated on a peninsula, Bodo is a setting-off point for the Lofoten Islands. A camping holiday in the area lets you see the Northern Lights dancing across the sky. Other outdoor pursuits include kayaking, boating and fishing. A Norwegian artistic community known as the Bodo Art Society resides in the area, and you can see Norwegian works of art here.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Northern Norway

Depending on your interests, you can visit Northern Norway any time of the year. If you visit during summer, you will see the midnight sun, which gives you up to 24 hours of daylight between May and July. While winters near the Arctic Circle are brutal, the temperatures are perfect for dog sledging and skiing. You can also catch the Northern Lights between late September and late March.

In Northern Norway, you can rent a small campervan at 21 years, but you need to be 25 to hire a large motorhome. Wild camping is allowed in Northern Norway in open country. You cannot camp on farmland, young plantations, hay meadows or regenerating forests. You can camp for two nights in any stretch or private farmlands without seeking permission. If you want to stay longer, ensure you get a permit.

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