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Industrial culture and unspoilt nature

Covered with green woodlands, Saarland offers a rich landscape of forest and mountains overlooking the River Saar. Those who rent a motorhome in Saarland will find that this part of Germany is largely off the beaten track. It is a small but fascinating state with its own unique identity. At motorhomebookers.com, we've carefully selected the best rental partners in Saarland to help you set out on your dream German road trip.

With Saarland motorhome rentals, you can explore the historic centre of Saarbrücken, with its 18th-century castle and Gothic churches. Bask in the spectacular views at Saarschleife, where the river loops around, creating a stunning backdrop to admire as you hike or raft. Take a dip in the cool waters of the Bostalsee reservoir, or embark on an international road trip heading into neighbouring France. Whatever you want to do, read on for our top tips for your Saarland camper van adventure!

Top 5 facts about Saarland

  1. Saarbrücken: the state capital is famous for its Gothic architecture, magnificent castle and historic stone bridge across the River Saar.
  2. Saarschleife: the river dominates this state and is at its most beautiful at the Saarschleife, where its looping path creates the perfect backdrop for your photos.
  3. French language: don't be surprised to hear French spoken as much as German in some areas of this largely bilingual state.
  4. Saarbrücken to Munich road trip: use Saarland as your starting point to cross Germany in this epic road odyssey.
  5. Wolves: Saarland was historically an environment for wolves, and there are ongoing efforts to conserve these majestic creatures. Don't be surprised if you hear some howling at night!

These highlights await you when you visit Saarland with a motorhome

The natural starting point when you rent a motorhome in Saarland is Saarbrücken, the state's capital and largest city. It is known for its wonderful architecture. Try visiting Saarbrücken Castle, a stunning French-style chateau, or taking in the marvellous sights of Ludwigskirche, one of the finest pieces of German Baroque art anywhere in the country. The Völklingen Ironworks, on the edge of the city, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains a fascinating industrial museum.

In the north of Saarland, the Bostalsee is worth visiting. If you choose to rent a camper van in Saarland in search of nature, this is the place to go. This large reservoir is mostly used for recreation, and part of it has been declared a nature reserve. In the summer months, locals flock here to swim, sail and hike. There's even a water park to keep the kids happy!

If you visit Neunkirchen when you rent a camper van in Saarland, don't miss the Panoramaturm Betzelhübel. Not for the faint of heart, this aluminium tower can seem daunting as you climb it, but it's perfectly safe and offers panoramic views across the town and surrounding landscape. Neunkirchen is the second largest settlement in Saarland, and it is a haven for hikers and cyclists, with plenty of trails to explore.

These camper routes through Saarland are a must

This is a very small state, so most people who rent a camper van in Saarland plan a road trip that will take them further afield. One excellent itinerary takes Saarbrücken as a starting point then heads west all the way to Munich. You'll start your journey on the banks of the Saar River, basking in peace and quiet. As you head west, you can stop in the industrial city of Stuttgart, with its museums dedicated to car manufacturing, before entering the beautiful Black Forest. Don't miss the beautiful churches of Ulm on your way to Munich.

Alternatively, some people like to rent a motorhome in Saarland and use it as a base for an international road trip. Saarbrücken is very close to the French border, and after just an hour on the road, you'll find yourself in Metz, famous for its cathedral and the medieval Germans' Gate. You can continue into the Champagne region, stopping in Reims to admire the historical architecture and enjoy a glass of bubbly. For a true adventure, go all the way to Paris!

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Saarland

Saarland motorhome rentals are common, as camper holidays are generally very popular in Germany. It's important to note that wild camping is strictly prohibited across the country, but there are many legal campsites where you can spend the night. Be sure that your camper has the equipment that is legally required in Germany, including a warning triangle and a high-visibility vest for the driver and all passengers.

You're in luck if you plan an international road trip when renting a camper van in Saarland. The region is close to both France and Luxembourg. Like Germany, they are members of the Schengen zone, and there is free movement between the three countries. All three also use the same currency, the euro. You can hop back and forth as often as possible with your Saarland rental motorhome as long as you have your passport and other necessary documentation.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Saarland

Gaze upon the beautiful River Saar, slowly winding its way through picturesque forests and hills, and you'll feel an immediate sense of peace. If you want to get away from it all, nothing beats renting a camper van in Saarland. Start planning your trip today with the help of motorhomebookers.com!

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