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A land of mountains, rivers and green forests

What do you want for your German road trip? Beautiful cities? Stunning landscapes? Adventure sports? You'll find all that and more when you rent a motorhome in Saxony. From the Baroque architecture of Dresden to the giant rock formations of Saxon Switzerland, this region is sure to captivate you. At motorhomebookers.com, we've teamed up with the best local rental partners, making it easier than ever for you to plan a road trip through Saxony.

With your Saxony rental camper van, you'll uncover a land rich in natural beauty and culture. Leipzig, once one of the biggest cities in East Germany, is now an even more popular tourist destination, with visitors attracted by its musical history. Smaller towns like Görlitz and Bautzen will charm you with their medieval architecture, and Meissen is sure to impress with its ancient castle. Read on to discover the adventure waiting for you when renting a motorhome in Saxony!

Top 5 facts about Saxony

  1. Dresden: Known as Florence on the Elbe, Dresden has a historic centre with Baroque architecture and beautiful houses that line the river.
  2. Saxon Switzerland National Park: this remarkable and unique national park is noted for its incredible sandstone rock formations, with rocks to climb and caves to explore.
  3. International access: Saxony is a great starting point for an international road trip bordering Poland and Czechia.
  4. Cross-Saxony road trip: there are many superb routes to explore in this area. Try a loop that will take in Dresden, Leipzig and Meissen.
  5. The artistic state: Saxony is known in Germany for its proud artistic traditions, which extend to music, visual arts, porcelain and architecture.

These highlights await you when you visit Saxony with a motorhome

Dresden, the state capital, often surprises visitors who rent a motorhome in Saxony. Long after the horrors of World War II, it is now one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Its Baroque district will thrill lovers of architecture, while anyone who wants to relax can enjoy a long, soothing stroll along the lazy waters of the River Elbe.

Another top destination for those who rent a motorhome in Saxony is Leipzig. The three-mile Leipzig Music Trail shows this city's fascinating artistic history, with stops like Wagner's birthplace, the home of Schumann, Bach's grave and more. The legendary Auerbachs Keller restaurant, frequented by Goethe in the 18th century, is still open here, too.

For a taste of nature, be sure to include Saxon Switzerland as part of your Saxony motorhome rental adventure. This national park is marked by dense forests and impressive rock formations. The dizzying Bastei Bridge, built on a rock formation high above the Elbe River, offers some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of this lush green region.

These camper routes through Saxony are a must

When planning your road trip through Saxony, be sure to allow yourself enough time to explore the region's fascinating cities. You could rent a motorhome in Saxony, starting in Dresden, then continue to Meissen. This city is known for its old porcelain factory, castle and Gothic cathedral. It's also the heart of Saxony's wine lands and is the perfect spot if you'd like to stop and sample some of the local sparkling wines. From there, keep going into Saxon Switzerland, where you can explore the Bastei Bridge and the mighty Königstein Fortress, a huge hilltop fortress that has never been conquered.

After Saxon Switzerland, your Saxony camper van rental adventure continues into Leipzig. When you've finished exploring, visit some smaller towns like Görlitz, on the banks of the Neisse River, and Bautzen, a medieval town built on a huge granite rock.

Suppose you'd like to extend your road trip into an international adventure. In that case, you can cross Görlitz's Peace Bridge into Poland or drive from Saxon Switzerland into Bohemian Switzerland, on the other side of the Czech border. When you rent a motorhome in Saxony, the possibilities are many and the choice is yours.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Saxony

Wild camping is forbidden across Germany, so be sure to stay in campsites when you rent a motorhome in Saxony. There is one exception to this rule: in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, "boofen" camping is legal. This traditional cave camping is a great way to spend an unforgettable night in the wild.

If you'd like to extend your Saxony motorhome rental trip by crossing the Polish or Czech border, be sure to inform your rental company in advance. There may be additional conditions associated with an international border crossing.

Motorhome rentals in Saxony are most popular in the summer when the weather is mild and pleasant. If you plan to camp in Saxon Switzerland, book early as it is a very popular destination. Expect snow if you are travelling in winter. It is at its heaviest in February. Winter visitors should ensure that their motorhome is equipped with winter tyres, which is a legal requirement in Germany.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Saxony

Saxony is a remarkable region, with everything from mountains to wine lands. You'll find an adventure waiting when you rent a motorhome in Saxony. Whether you want to go rock climbing in the national park or shopping in the cities, there's something for you here.

Start planning your motorhome adventure in Saxony today through motorhomebookers.com, and get ready for a road trip you'll never forget!

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