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You can rent a motorhome in Southern Norway as a convenient way to explore the region at whatever pace you wish to set. There are many campsites in Southern Norway. It is a region known for its varied landscapes, making it a popular destination for camping and other outdoor activities. Booking through motorhomebookers.com is an easy way to find and rent a motorhome in Southern Norway that will fit your needs. For your convenience, we have rental partners in Southern Norway.

Southern Norway is home to a rocky coastline and many distinct fjords. It is also home to many towns and villages. The Norwegian capital city of Oslo is located in Southern Norway. Many points of interest in Southern Norway can be visited when you rent a motorhome and head down the region's well-maintained roadways.

This article will tell you why Southern Norway is one of the most beautiful destinations for an extended motorhome road trip and which routes you should not miss in Southern Norway.

Top 5 facts about Southern Norway

  1. Constructed in 1656, Lindesnes Lighthouse is located in Southern Norway and is 16.1 metres tall.
  2. Southern Norway is known for its archipelago landscape, including a rocky coastline.
  3. Campers who visit Southern Norway are visiting a region where wild camping is allowed in most places.
  4. A route down the Atlantic Road in Southern Norway will take you across Kristiansund's unique bridges found on the coast.
  5. The coastal climate of Southern Norway is mild with cold winters.

These highlights await you when you visit Southern Norway with a motorhome

A long list of points of interest in Southern Norway makes it a popular region to rent a motorhome for extended travel. Here are some suggestions.

The capital city of Oslo is located in Southern Norway. It is a good location to launch a motorhome road trip from and offers many services and amenities. These include restaurants serving Norwegian and international cuisine, museums and shopping opportunities.

Bergen is a historic city located in the western part of Southern Norway. It is another popular starting point for motorhome holidays. The area is home to Grieg Hall, the main residence of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. The Bergen International Festival is one of Southern Norway's most attended annual events.

Bergenhus Fortress was built around 1240. It is one of Southern Norway's best-preserved medieval buildings. The fortress once served as the royal palace of Norway when Bergen was the capital.

The Seven Mountains are a series of peaks that surround Bergen in Southern Norway. Ulriken is the highest of these seven peaks. There is an aerial tramway called the Ulriksbanen that visitors can take to the summit. Free telescopes and a restaurant can be found on top of the mountain.

Located in Telemark, Jomfruland National Park covers an area of 117 square kilometres. It includes the islands of Stråholmen and Jomfruland, but most of its surface area is in the sea.

Located in Østfold, Ytre Hvaler National Park was established in 2009. It is a popular attraction in Southern Norway and the region's first national maritime park. Its total area is 354 square kilometres.

Located on a peninsula of the same name, Folgefonna National Park occupies an area of 545 square kilometres. It is home to three glaciers and a popular stop for travellers who rent a motorhome in Southern Norway.

Bryggen is a series of historic commercial buildings that are located on Vågen Harbour in Bergen. It is a highly photographed area and one of the most visited attractions in the city.

These camper routes through Southern Norway are a must

Camper routes with many points of interest along the way are easy to find in Southern Norway. Here are a few recommended routes.

The Kristiansund route is a popular choice for motorhome travellers. The Atlantic Road goes through the area and runs along the coast. Many unique bridges on the route are notable for their curvature.

The route to the Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park is popular for travellers who rent a motorhome in Southern Norway. It is known for its mountainous landscape and the musk oxen that live there.

There is plenty of mountainous scenery along the route to Borgund Stave Church. The church is believed to have been built in 1180. It is one of Europe's most well-preserved wooden buildings from the medieval period.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Southern Norway

The Right to Roam Law allows for wild camping on public land in Southern Norway. The law covers both residents and visitors to the region. The minimum age to rent a camper in Southern Norway is 21, and the minimum age to rent a motorhome is 25. The best time to camp in Southern Norway is from May until September.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Southern Norway

You can rent a motorhome in Bergen, Kristiansand, Oppaker, Oslo, Sarpsborg and Stavanger through motorhomebookers.com. From there, you can travel the roads of Southern Norway while stopping off at different points of interest. Being able to do this in your own time is one of the benefits of renting a motorhome. Recommended campsites in Southern Norway include Geiranger Camping in Geiranger, Neset Camping in Byglandsfjord and Kinsarvik Camping AS in Kinsarvik. You will find services like hot showers, toilets, fire pits and electric hookups at many campgrounds in Southern Norway.

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