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The town of Baar started as a linear village between lake Zug and Lake Zurich, but it has expanded to the northern portion of the Lorze River. The most popular attractions to visit with a campervan are the Höllgrotten caves and caverns near the Lorze ravine.

A campervan trip around Baar should be on your bucket list if you be close to nature. Baar is surrounded by thick forests and the rushing waters of the Lorze River valley. You can explore the rolling hills of Albis and Zugerberg and hike the stunning trails. Discover the beauty of Central Switzerland with a campervan hire in Baar through motorhomebookers.com rental partners in the area. If you are planning a camping holiday in Central Switzerland, here are the top attractions that make Baar the perfect city to start your trip.

Top 5 facts about Baar

  1. Explore the unique dripstone caverns and caves made from fairytale rock formations at Höllgrotten. The colours and shapes in the caves, combined with the river's relaxing sound, create an enchanting experience.
  2. Visit the Sihl river and enjoy beautiful hiking trails from Sihlbrugg in the Swiss canton. You can park your motorhome near the path that leads to the river and hike the scenic route.
  3. Take a trip to Lake Zurich, a few kilometres from the city on the southern side of the Albis hills. Lake Zurich has beautiful swimming areas and sunny islands worth exploring.
  4. Try the scenic hiking trail from Baar to Gottschalkenberg and Unteraegeri. The hiking trail starts at the Baar train station and goes up the Baarburg hill before going downhill to Unteraegeri.
  5. KiTi-Hof is a must-visit place in Baar. You can explore the stunning landscapes and go for horseback rides as you enjoy the views of the Zug lake and valley.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Baar

Visit the best attractions in Switzerland with a caravan hire in Baar. Must-visit attractions are the Höllgrotten caves that enchant the old and young alike. Immerse yourself in a fairy-tale-like underground experience by walking through the dripstone caves. You can explore the diverse rock formations with various colours and small mystical underground lakes.

Alternatively, explore the KiTi-Hof farm for picturesque views of the fields and the surrounding forests. Enjoy spectacular views of the mountains and Lake Zug in the surrounding areas. You can also park your campervan and try horseback riding around the farm and forests. Ensure you stop by the AdventureRooms in Baar and spend the day solving puzzles using the hints you discover to reach the exit. The exciting games attract many adventurers from around the world.

This makes Baar particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

Baar is the best place to start your camping trip since it gives you access to top attractions in Central Switzerland. For instance, you should visit the Rhine Falls, a few kilometres north of the city. The waterfalls have an observation platform and hiking trails that allow you to enjoy stunning views of the forested area. The waterfall is surrounded by various attractions, including a park and a castle. Alternatively, take a campervan trip to Lake Lucerne and spend the day enjoying the super Swiss lake with an intricate shape. The lake’s tentacles are spread through four different cantons allowing you to explore the best attractions in Switzerland.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Baar

Baar is the perfect city to start your motorhome trip through Central Switzerland. As the second-largest city in the Canton of Zug, it links Zurich and Lucerne towns and is the entrance to Central Switzerland. The central location and access to public transportation networks make it easily accessible.

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Skyline of City of Baar and Zug with Swiss Alps in the background on a sunny summer day.

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