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Get a campervan hire in Brig-Glis through motorhomebookers.com trusted partners and visit the beautiful alpine town in Southern Switzerland. Brig-Glis is the ideal place to start your motorhome holiday, giving you access to all the famous tourist destinations in the Swiss Alps. The city is in Valais canton and sits at the foot of Simplon Pass, which leads to the Italian border. On your campervan trip around Switzerland, Brig is a popular stop on the glacier pass famous for the St Sebastian chapel and steam baths.

Visit the Stockalper castle or spend time at the Rhone River that flows through the city. Brig-Glis lies at the centre of all the attractions in the Swiss Alps, and you can take a day trip to Southern Switzerland. If you are looking for reasons to take a motorhome trip around Brig-Glis, here is a guide for you.

Top 5 facts about Brig-Glis

  1. A must-visit destination in Brig-Glis is the Stockalper Palace, surrounded by beautiful gardens. The 17th-century attraction has three towers that provide a vantage point over the city.
  2. Stop by the World Nature Forum museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and learn the history of the Swiss Alps. You can see pictures of the mountains or sample fragrances of flowers from the Alps.
  3. Take a scenic drive through the Simplon Pass with your campervan and encounter several historical landmarks. The Simplon Pass starts from Brig to the Swiss-Italian border.
  4. Visit the Swiss Guard Museum to enjoy the culture and learn the history of Switzerland. The museum houses a vast collection of books and exhibits.
  5. Take a day trip to the Thermal Bath at Brigerbrad. The outdoor pools and water slides provide a great place for relaxing.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Brig-Glis

Brig-Glis is a historic old quarter on the Upper Valais and at the foot of the Simplon Pass. With its central location, getting a campervan hire in Brig-Glis allows you to explore the best attractions in the Swiss Alps. The city's proximity to hiking and ski regions in Lotschberg, Aletsch and Simplon makes it an ideal starting point for excursions.

Start your holiday by visiting the Stockalper Palace, built in 1658. The Swiss heritage site was built in the 17th century with castle gardens and a chapel. If you are an architectural enthusiast, you will love the interior of the palace or the spectacular arcades of the Italian Renaissance. If you are looking for hiking trails, the Stockalper trail offers stunning views as it passes through Taverna Valley.

This makes Brig-Glis particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

Brig-Glis is a lovely town for a motorhome holiday with cosy hotels, inns and stately houses. If you are looking for historical sites, the Stockalper Palace and the Swiss Guard museum provide an in-depth history of the Swiss region. If you want to go shopping, drive to the Bahnhofstrasse shopping centre. Since Brig-Glis history is linked with the Simplon pass, you must take a day trip on the scenic route passing through the Alps.

After exploring the best sites in Brig-Glis, drive through the Simplon mountain pass in Lepontine and Pennine Alps. The pass is over 2,000 metres above sea level providing scenic views of the surrounding landscapes. Alternatively, visit the Quillen Brigerbad and enjoy thermal baths. The complex has water bathing areas and gigantic water slides.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Brig-Glis

The central location of Brig-Glis and its proximity to the top attractions in the Swiss Alps makes it ideal for campervan excursions. Brig-Glis is also easily accessible from the airports in the region. You can land in the neighbouring town and get your campervan hire in Brig-Glis.

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