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The perfect place for your family camper trip

Tasmania is an excellent destination for a family road trip in a camper van because of its cooler climate than other parts of Australia. It offers white sand beaches, pristine parks and reserves, spectacular ocean views and tasty food.

Tasmania is home to various animals, including native Australian species, such as the mysterious Tasmanian devil, wombat, koala and kangaroo. Over 40% of the island has been set aside for natural wilderness, meaning there is plenty of space for outdoor exploration. You can spend time seeing the wildlife at locations like the Bonorong Sanctuary and Tasmania Zoo or view them in the wild at the various National Parks.

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Top 5 facts about Tasmania

  1. The charming community of Dover is located on the idyllic D'Entrecasteaux Channel in the remote southern region of Tasmania, encircled by hidden coves, serene mountains and endearing farm gates.
  2. The area around the thermal springs is lovely for exploring the Newdegate Cave and going on walks through old woodlands.
  3. Only 25 people live in the coastal community of Arthur River, a great camping site with few people, allowing you to experience a genuine way of life on Tasmania's untamed North West Coast.
  4. The seaside village of Penguin is 25 kilometres from Devonport and has a view of the Bass Strait and the picturesque Mount Montgomery.
  5. Kettering's idyllic and remote hamlet is the perfect home base for exploring Southern Tasmania's many eccentric and cultural attractions.

These highlights await you when you visit Tasmania with a motorhome

The North West of Tasmania is a fantastic region for camper van travelling. It offers breathtaking views at every turn, including those of Mt. Roland near Devonport, Table Cape near Wynyard and the renowned Nut at Stanley.

To get to know Tasmania, it is worth making a stop at Oast House, a once-functioning kilning house for more than a century that is now a museum, gift store and tea room. You will learn about the cultivation and processing of hops in adjacent fields.

Chocoholics may enjoy visiting the famous Australian chocolate factory, which is situated in Claremont, roughly halfway between Hobart and New Norfolk and is open for tours. Here, you can explore 18 historic buildings, witness how they manufacture various chocolates, get factory discounts at the chocolate shop and indulge a little in the on-site cafe.

These camper routes through Tasmania are a must

You can start your camper van road trip early by leaving Hobart and travelling to the west's fantastic but lesser-travelled terrain. As you depart civilisation, one of the best things you may do in Tasmania is tour Mount Field National Park.

The region is unique because of its isolation; it would not be easy to access this kind of wilderness with a day tour from Hobart. There are two activities you can do here for the day, and your first choice should be starting at the neighbouring Henty Dunes and driving north into the wilderness. The white dunes in the Tasmanian region are enormous and extraordinary and are only a short drive from Strahan.

To search for waterfalls, continue along the dunes into the verdant Tarkine Rainforest. There are multiple waterfalls, and you can reach the tallest waterfall in Tasmania, the Montezuma Falls, by leisurely taking a 1.5-hour walk through the rainforest.

Cradle Mountain, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, is an iconic sight and is responsible for most of the visitors to the region. You can find campsites around the mountain, from which you can take in the wild and rugged scenery via hiking trails and spot a wombat or two.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Tasmania

It is crucial to remember that weather can change at any time during a voyage. When arranging your schedule for a road trip, consider the best time of year to prevent being stranded in your camper van because of extreme weather. In Tasmania, December to February is a fantastic time of year to enjoy the beaches and hiking trails.

There are no public rubbish bins at the national parks, so always take bin bags on your motorhome road trip. Also, only make open fires in approved park fireplaces for your safety and the safety of Tasmania's native plants and animals. The surrounding environment and the creatures living there can sustain severe damage if a fire spreads.

If you are travelling with children, staying close to populated areas would be ideal as these areas have several shop stops and supermarkets to replenish your essential supplies. Such routes often provide great camping spaces and amenities, making them great places to park your motorhome overnight.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia's smallest state, should be a must-visit region while in Australia. Your journey is set against a picturesque backdrop of outstanding natural beauty and stunning beaches. To catch a glimpse of local life and stock your motorhome up with treats, you can visit Salamanca Market, an award-winning location and one of Australia's busiest marketplaces, where there are more than 200 stalls with items on sale.

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