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Thuringia is a state located in central Germany, and travellers heading between Berlin and Cologne or from Hamburg to Munich are likely to pass through its lush, forested environment. Anyone opting to spend time in the state of Thuringia will find plenty of scenery to enjoy, from natural backdrops to impressive architecture, making it a prime destination for a motorhome rental.

The state of Thuringia is best known for its forests and woodlands, and a motorhome journey through this area will leave you spoilt for choice if you are hoping to take in rolling views of trees and mountains. The state is also notable for some large reservoirs every bit as beautiful as natural lakes, while the charming cities here are steeped in history.

This article aims to show you all the fascinating places you can visit with a motorhome rental in Thuringia through motorhomebookers.com. Whether you prefer urban environments or the majesty of nature, you will have more than enough ideas to start plotting your journey and seeing all that the state has to offer its visitors. Simply read on to plan your adventure in Germany.

Top 5 facts about Thuringia

  1. The Hainich National Park contains an ancient beech forest and allows visitors to observe the treetops in a canopy walk.
  2. Surrounded by trees and cycle paths, the Bleiloch Dam is Germany's largest reservoir.
  3. While the state has no natural lakes, its dams and reservoirs provide stunning views and idyllic camping locations.
  4. The Hohenfelden reservoir provides a beautiful camping location with a nature trail, forest, RV parks and more.
  5. The forests of Thuringia offer fresh air and tranquil surroundings, having earned the state its nickname of "the green heart of Germany".

These highlights await you when you visit Thuringia with a motorhome

Thuringia can be described as a hidden gem for visitors to Germany: although it is not one of the country's most popular destinations, it boasts many attractions. If you feel like getting out of your campervan and taking a walk, then you could visit the Rennsreig: a 170-kilometre hiking trail from the Werra Valley to the Selbitz River.

Another ideal destination for nature lovers is the Thuringian Forest, a mountainous area that borders the Thuringian Highland and provides a panoramic view of the towns below, as well as opportunities for walks in the woods. Most of the area falls within the Thuringian Forest Nature Park, spanning 2,200 square kilometres. There are several RV-friendly campsites available in the area.

Although it is a long way from the German coast, Thuringia provides ample opportunities for swimming and lakeside activities. The Stausee Hohenfelden reservoir is located near a popular mountain-biking trail and has its own beach and lawn. Another attraction is the mountain lake Bergsee Ebertswiese, which is characterised by the lush woodlands and imposing rockfaces surrounding it.

The cities in Thuringia you should visit with your camper van!

A visit to the cities of Thuringia will be a history buff's dream come true. This is the state that houses Weimar, a city associated with many of Germany's greatest thinkers and artists: visitors can see the house of Goethe, which includes a museum dedicated to this influential poet; or they can delve into art history at the Bauhaus Museum.

It would be a mistake to think of Thuringia purely as a place to sample history: motorhome owners stopping at a big city here will find themselves surrounded by past, present and future. At Jena, you can take your family to the Zeiss Planetarium, have fun at the Galaxsea swimming complex, and admire the architecture of Johannisfriedhof.

The largest city in Thuringia is Erfurt, which has some magnificent examples of German architecture. The spires of the Erfurt Cathedral dominate the city, while the Angermuseum is as fascinating to look at from the outside as from within. Sculptures of beloved children's characters also dot the city, adding appeal for younger travellers in your campervan. The city's nightlife caters to adults.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Thuringia

As long as you are 21 years or above and have a valid driving licence, you will be able to hire an RV in Germany and get started on your journey across Thuringia. Unlike certain other regions of the country, wild camping is permitted under the Thuringian Forest Act, though you will need permission from the relevant authorities.

Thuringia is a good all-year-round destination for motorhome rental. While the warmer seasons will make a better choice for hiking, cycling, camping and other such activities, the state also has winter attractions: the town of Oberhof is a hotspot for winter sports. However, remember that taking an RV by road will be treacherous in the snow.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Thuringia

As you can see, Thuringia is hard to beat in terms of natural splendour. Whether you like taking a hike through the forests or relaxing beside a vast reservoir, this state has it all. Cities like Erfurt and Gotha offer opportunities to hire a motorhome; from there, Thuringia will be yours to explore.

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