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Rent a motorhome in Tuscany, Italy

Iconic buildings, beautiful campsites, the best scenery, cities and more

For anyone visiting Italy, Tuscany is one of the biggest rivals to Rome as the most spectacular destination. A single RV rental in Tuscany will provide access to many of Italy's national treasures in terms of art and architecture. Furthermore, you will also be surrounded by natural sights, including a lovely coastline, rolling hills and open skies.

There is so much to take in that you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices at your disposal. This is where our article comes in. At motorhomebookers.com, we have rental partners in Tuscany and aim to give you all of the advice you could need when booking RV rentals.

Do you want to know which cities in Tuscany are your best choices for affordable RV rental? Are you hoping to find ideas on which destinations to visit during the course of your road trip around the region? Are you wondering which places offer RV-friendly campsites? Our article will answer all your questions!

Top 5 facts about Tuscany

  1. Tuscany is home to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, arguably the most iconic sight in all of Italy, and visitors are allowed to climb up it.
  2. The Antro del Corchia cave is the largest cavern system in Italy and is open to tours.
  3. As a coastal region, Tuscany has plenty of campsites located near the unspoilt shoreline.
  4. Tuscany's Apuan Alps offer unbeatable camping trails through the craggy, wooded surroundings.
  5. Tuscany is considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and boasts many spectacular buildings from that era.

These highlights await you when you visit Tuscany with a motorhome

For many visitors taking a campervan trip through Tuscany, one of the first ports of call will be the Maremma. This area in the southwest of Tuscany lies on the coast, offering prime beach locations. The Maremma National Park, encompassing lush woodlands and sunny beaches, can be accessed via the nearby Talamone Camping Village, which accepts motorhomes.

Further inland, you will find the Apuan Alps, a mountain range in the north of Tuscany. The Alps are noted for their hiking routes, some of which can be completed in a day while others are suited for long hauls; all provide picturesque views of craggy mountainsides and sprawling forests. The mountains are surrounded by campervan-friendly parks.

Lake Bilancino will make the perfect destination for lakeside activities, being located a short drive from Florence and near the WWF nature reserve. If you take your family on a Tuscany RV rental trip, you can have fun in the water by booking paddle boats. Lake Burano, also a WWF refuge, has both unspoilt water and a medieval tower.

The cities in Tuscany you should visit with your camper van!

If you have booked an RV rental in Tuscany, you can hardly afford to miss out on the region's capital, Florence. Countless masterpieces of the Renaissance are on show here, from the awe-inspiring paintings of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore to the vast collection of the Gallerie Degli Uffizi. To complete the day, grab a meal at the Mercato Centrale.

A close second on the "must-see cities of Tuscany" list must surely be Pisa. Beyond the iconic Leaning Tower, which needs no introduction, visitors will find a host of historical attractions, from the Roman-era cemetery Composanto to the riverside Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina. These sights can be taken in as part of a walking tour.

Note that it is possible to drive from Florence to Pisa in less than two hours, meaning that a Tuscany RV rental will allow access to both cities. A road trip between the two will also allow you to stop off at such attractions as Lucca's fascinating museums and Renaissance-era buildings or the educational, family-friendly planetarium in Prato.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Tuscany

Motorhome rentals are available in Pisa; visitors open to travelling to Tuscany from elsewhere in Italy can alternatively arrange a campervan hire from Bologna or, for a long-haul journey, Rome. Other Italian cities providing RV rentals include Vicenza, Cagliari, Catania and Turin. As with the rest of Italy, Tuscany RV rentals are available only to those aged 18 or above.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Tuscany

There are some destinations that are ideal for natural splendour, while others are perfect if you want to sample modern urban attractions. But some of the most treasured places to visit are those that allow trips into history. An RV rental in Tuscany offers just that opportunity: a road trip through this region is a journey into the Renaissance.

While the innumerable historical landmarks will be the main attractions for most visitors, RV rentals in Tuscany offer so much more. This is a region that has it all in terms of natural sights: whether you enjoy relaxing on a beach, hiking in the mountains, losing yourself in lush forests or even visiting a cave, Tuscany is the place for you to explore via motorhome.

If you have already decided to book a Tuscany RV rental, then we are here to help you get started. Get in touch with motorhomebookers.com, and we will be able to answer all of your questions and set your mind at ease, leaving you free to start plotting the journey of a lifetime through the wonders of Tuscany!

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