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Martian-like deserts and glowing rock formations

Find an RV rental in Utah from motorhomebookers.com and discover the windswept beauty of the state. The castle-like Mormon temples, Hindu architecture and glowing rock formations are the must-visit destinations in Utah. Aside from the acres of wilderness to drive through, Utah is also a top destination for wildlife exploration.

Utah is also known as the "Mighty Five", thanks to its five national parks. Each national park has a unique range of sights and attractions to explore at your own pace. Planning an RV camping trip in Utah allows you to explore the inspiring landscapes of canyons, rivers, lakes and arches. The scenic drives give you plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, hiking, climbing, boating and more.

Utah is a great destination to enjoy American history. Learn about dinosaurs and explore the Old West on your RV trip. Whether you are a history buff or want a scenic destination, Utah has you covered with its beautiful landscapes and giant temples.

Top 5 facts about Utah

  1. Arches National Park is a natural marvel for adventurers with geological camping sites and hiking trails.
  2. The iconic buttes and red-orange desert of Monument Valley provide sweeping views and scenic drives.
  3. Visit Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake for beautiful views and a glimpse of antelopes, coyotes and water birds.
  4. Explore the Moqui Cave in Southern Utah, which doubles up as a history museum with pottery, fossils, art and footprints.
  5. The Natural History Museum of Utah allows you to experience the history of Utah with artefacts and minerals collected in the area.

These highlights await you when you visit Utah with a motorhome

The marvellous range of scenic landscapes and sights in Utah attracts many campers. When you get an RV rental in Utah, you can explore the area at your leisure. From deserts to red sandstone arches and snow-capped mountains, Utah is an adventurous place to explore for nature lovers and sightseers. You can start your RV camping adventure at Zion National Park and explore the Colorado Plateau, Mojave Desert regions and the Great Basin. The massive park has iconic landscapes and biodiversity to explore.

A must-visit location on your RV is Salt Lake City. Get a glimpse of the magnificent Temple Square up close and enjoy the architectural wonders of the 19th-century temple. The most famous sites in Salt Lake City are within a short distance of the square. Don't forget to visit the largest saltwater lake, the Great Salt Lake. The lake offers various recreational activities like kayaking, wildlife viewing, swimming and sailing.

These camper routes through Utah are a must

Utah offers diverse activities for RV campers. You will find the perfect landscapes for scenic drives and outdoor adventures. After finding an RV rental in Utah, Zion National Park is the ideal place to begin your sightseeing. The park features outstanding scenery, from waterfalls and red rock cliffs to stunning vistas. Make sure you take the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive that follows the valley floor. You can stop at all major sites and trailheads throughout the route.

The Arches National Park provides an exciting spot to enjoy the stunning views of La Sal Mountains' snow-capped peaks. You can also view the rolling dunes and stone arches. The natural stone arches create picturesque views of the distant mountains. You should also visit the Devil's Garden, Fiery Furnace and Broken Arch. The Arches National Park is located outside Moab and offers a vast expanse of the desert landscape.

Don't miss out on impressive views and brightly coloured hoodoos that dominate the Bryce Canyon National Park. The stone pillars in the park glow in shades of cinnamon, cream, pink and orange and stand tall on a natural amphitheatre. The magical landscape is incredible scenery for RV drives, with impressive views of the canyon.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Utah

Utah is an exciting place to visit all year. However, the diverse climate in the region can limit your exploration. For instance, it could be hot and sunny in the desert areas and snowy in other parts of the state. In addition, some parks have limited access during winter, while some cities shut down completely in winter. Fortunately, most parks and the best attractions are open year-round, allowing you to make the most of your RV rental trip.

You can get an RV rental in Utah if you are over 25 years old and enjoy an extended road trip across the state. When it's time for adventure, you can park in one of the RV parks and go hiking, kayaking or on boat tours.

Most of the fantastic locations in Utah are easy to reach in an RV rental. Besides, you will find plenty of RV parks to camp in Utah with great amenities. Wild camping is also legal in Utah, but you should not stay in one location for more than 14 days without moving a distance of 25 miles.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Utah

Discover Utah's beauty and magnificent sites with an RV's added comfort and luxury. You can find RV rentals in Utah and hire an RV for your trip at motorhomebookers.com. Start your RV trip today when you pick up your motorhome in Salt Lake City!

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