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Any camper who chooses to hire a motorhome in Victoria will have access to many of the top attractions in Australia, including the skyline of Melbourne and the natural beauty of the Great Ocean Road. This region of Australia offers once-in-a-lifetime sights and experiences.

This article aims to answer all of your questions about finding a campervan hire in Melbourne or the wider state of Victoria through trusted motorhomebookers.com partners. Read on for the top sights and destinations, details that savvy campers should bear in mind when starting an adventure across Victoria.

Top 5 facts about Victoria

  1. Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is the second-most populous city in Australia.
  2. The Twelve Apostles, located on the Great Ocean Road, are a collection of vast limestone structures that have impressed generations of tourists.
  3. The main attractions that Victoria offers for any camper are the many ocean and cliffside destinations, plus proximity to Melbourne.
  4. The most beautiful route for any campervan rental in Victoria is the Great Ocean Road, which includes multiple towns and cities, such as Melbourne and Apollo Bay, and some of the most varied coastal views in Australia.
  5. A camper who chooses to hire a motorhome near Melbourne will have access to coastal, woodland and urban caravan parks, making it perfect whether you prefer Australia's city nightlife or great ocean views.

These highlights await you when you visit Victoria with a motorhome

Victoria has no shortage of destinations that are rich with natural beauty and open to access by campervan rental. The Mornington Peninsula National Park, which offers woodland walks, beach activities and imposing cliffs, is less than a half-hour drive from various caravan parks. The Grampians National Park, with its picturesque clifftop walks, is also near several campervan-friendly sites.

A top destination in Victoria is Phillip Island, which is less than two hours from Melbourne and, being accessible by bridge, easily incorporated into a road trip. Phillip Island will suit any animal lover with its Koala Conservation Reserve and Penguin Parade, and also provides opportunities for campers to relax on the beach. The island has multiple caravan parks.

The beauty of Victoria is its variety. Visitors can sample great ocean views rivalling the best in Australia and perhaps glimpse whales off Apollo Bay. Alternatively, campers can also enjoy the lush forest surroundings of Bunyip State Park. It is also quite possible to take your motorhome down to a big Victoria city like Melbourne for some urban nightlife.

The cities in Victoria you should visit with your camper van!

Victoria's destinations range from big cities like Melbourne to smaller towns like Apollo Bay. Melbourne is a good place to start your road trip with great ocean views, access to Phillip Island and some of Australia's top tours. Leave your motorhome to enjoy the Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise, experience the National Gallery of Victoria or visit Melbourne Zoo.

Even if you hire your campervan in Melbourne, you won't have to miss the incredible sights elsewhere. Start a road trip in Melbourne, and you will be around an hour from Geelong, less than three hours from Apollo Bay and a little over an hour from Torquay, the start of the Great Ocean Road across Victoria's coast.

This means that your motorhome journey through Victoria allows you to visit Australia's gold-mining history at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, see modern creativity at the Bendigo Art Gallery and admire the churches of Melton. Any road trip that can take you to both Philip Island and Apollo Bay on the same day is surely worth a try!

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Victoria

Before you plan your road trip through Victoria, bear in mind that, as with most of Australia, you will typically need to be at least 21 years old to book a motorhome rental. In some circumstances, the minimum age is 18, but an extra bond will be required. If you have family, remember that not all caravan parks accept children.

It is also advised that you note the nearest caravan parks before you hire your campervan: the further you get from Melbourne, the further apart motorhome-friendly camper sites may be. A camper eager to try out wild camping will find many places in Victoria where this is accepted, including on the Great Ocean Road.

If you are taking your motorhome on a trip along the Great Ocean Road, you may choose a less busy time of year. The winding nature of the road makes it an awkward drive for any campervan; a period where there are fewer travellers on this iconic stretch of Australian road will be more pleasurable for any camper.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Victoria

If you are eager to start your journey as a camper in Victoria, then you could book your rental in Melbourne, or, if you are interested in taking a road trip there from elsewhere in Australia, perhaps Sydney. Either way, your motorhome hire can take you to tranquil caravan parks, prime wilderness sites and even the Great Ocean Road.

If you feel it's time to hire your campervan, don't delay! Rest assured that motorhomebookers.com is here to help you to find a suitable motorhome and make it as easy as possible to hire the perfect camper. Get in touch to start your Aussie adventure!

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