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Rent a motorhome in Namibia

Rent a motorhome in Namibia

Namibia is a country made for driving. With vast, sweeping expanses of desert and bushland, this is a landscape you'll never forget. When you rent a motorhome in Namibia, you'll be able to enjoy an adventure through some of Africa's most pristine terrain. At motorhomebookers.com, we can help you organise your holiday. We've teamed up with some of the best local rental partners to get things off on the right foot.

From the endless red dunes of Sossusvlei to the mist-shrouded Skeleton Coast, Namibia is packed full of natural delights. It's also one of the best countries to find native wildlife living free, with elephants, leopards, cheetahs, lions and more all found in this remarkable country. Read on for our best tips and top advice to help you enjoy your Namibian motorhome rental adventure!

Top 5 facts about Namibia

  1. Walvis Bay: one of the coolest cities in Namibia; head to Walvis Bay to spot seals and flamingos and enjoy the spectacular dunes.
  2. Namib Desert: the oldest desert on Earth, this 20 million-year-old landscape is jaw-dropping. Watch out for the preserved dinosaur footprints!
  3. Long, empty roads: be sure to fill up with fuel regularly, as much of Namibia is still true wilderness.
  4. Pure nature road trip: choose an itinerary that will take in both Etosha National Park and the Sossusvlei dunes for the country's best scenery.
  5. Wildlife: nothing beats the magic of spotting native wildlife running free. Namibia is one of the best parts of Africa for a safari experience.

These highlights await you when you visit Namibia with a motorhome

Looking for views like nothing else on Earth? Rent a motorhome in Namibia and head out to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. Here, you'll find the tallest sand dunes on the planet in an eerie landscape that looks like something from a science fiction film. The truly adventurous can climb Big Daddy, the tallest of the dunes, from which you'll have a dizzying view of an endless sea of sand.

The dunes meet the sea at the Skeleton Coast, another thrilling stop on your Namibia motorhome rental adventure. You might just want to admire the views of this coastal wilderness, but it's also a great place if you want to get your adrenaline pumping. Quad biking, skydiving, sandboarding and paragliding are all available here. When the mist lifts, look out to sea, where the remains of many old shipwrecks can still be seen.

If you want to see something livelier, then make tracks for Etosha National Park. The largest game reserve in the country, this is a highlight for many people who rent a motorhome in Namibia. The park is home to over 500 mammals, birds and reptile species. Etosha is set in Africa's largest salt pan, and its natural waterholes bring the animals together. You can self-drive through the park, and there are plenty of great spots to park and observe the wildlife.

These camper routes through Namibia are a must

Our top itinerary when you rent a camper van in Namibia starts in the capital of Windhoek and then heads out to Etosha National Park. You'll probably want to spend plenty of time admiring the wildlife. When you're ready to move on, go to Damaraland, the bleached desert landscape that is home to desert elephants, rhinos and oryx. From there, you'll continue to the dunes at Sossusvlei and Deadvlei before finally returning to Windhoek and seeing the country's best sights.

If you'd rather spend more time exploring the South African coast when you rent a motorhome in Namibia, head for Swakopmund on the Skeleton Coast. Between this town and neighbouring Walvis Bay, you'll find a wealth of fun water-based activities to enjoy, from surfing and fishing to relaxing dolphin-spotting cruises. Swakopmund is also ideal for striking out into the Namib Desert's heart, passing the dizzying Gaub and Kuiseb Canyons. Make sure you get to Sesriem Canyon early, as it's at its most colourful and beautiful in the morning sunlight. From here, you can continue through the red dunes of Sossusvlei to the Intu Afrika Reserve, where some of Namibia's oldest indigenous people offer sessions of tracking, crafts and other activities. By the time you reach Windhoek to finish your trip, you'll be counting the days until you can come back to Namibia!

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Namibia

You will find designated campsites in game reserves like Etosha National Park, but elsewhere in the country, wild camping is permitted. You may not need it, though. When you rent a motorhome in Namibia, you'll find that the country has an excellent network of formal campsites.

Be prepared to drive through the wilderness when renting a camper van in Namibia. Choosing a 4x4 camper is strongly recommended. You should also ensure that your motorhome is always stocked with plenty of fuel, food and water, and other supplies that you might need. As mobile phone signals can be weak, it is worth keeping paper copies of maps. Do not drive at night if you can avoid it. Many of the animals that live in Namibia are nocturnal and can create driving hazards in the dark.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Namibia

Discover some of the most magical landscapes on the planet. Contact motorhomebookers.com today and start planning your motorhome adventure in Namibia!

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