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Dramatic dunes and magnificent deserts

Surrounded by dry, arid land, the city of Windhoek shines like a glittering oasis. When you rent a motorhome in Windhoek, you'll be able to explore the remarkable country of Namibia, with its ancient deserts, jaw-dropping gorges and incredible wildlife. At motorhomebookers.com, we can help you plan your dream Namibian holiday. We've teamed up with some of the best local rental partners to get things started.

The capital of Namibia is the perfect starting point for a road trip. With Windhoek motorhome rentals, you'll find a whole country to explore. Discover the mighty Namib Desert or lose yourself in the mists of the Skeleton Coast. Climb the world's highest dunes or take a drive through safari country, gasping at the animals you see. Read on for a taste of what you can expect from your Namibian adventure!

Top 5 facts about Windhoek

  1. Christ Church: originally known as the Church of Peace, this century-old house of worship is one of Windhoek's most notable landmarks.
  2. Avis Dam Nature Reserve: this serene, grassy area is a great place to do some bird-watching or just stretch your legs.
  3. Gravel roads: Namibia doesn't have many highways, and even some roads in the city are unpaved.
  4. Desert road trip: the best driving itineraries in the area will allow you to experience the majesty of the desert and the dunes up close and personal.
  5. Wildlife: you don't need to go far from the city to start seeing Namibia's extraordinary animals. Don't drive at night when nocturnal creatures can be a hazard.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Windhoek

Windhoek is known for its colonial-era architecture, with many buildings inspired by German tradition. One of the best examples you'll see when you rent a motorhome in Windhoek is the Christuskirche or Christ Church. Built in the early 20th century, today it stands on a traffic island, with its distinctive red brick spire rising up as a landmark.

If you want to experience life like a local with your Windhoek rental motorhome, head straight for Parliament Gardens. This small park is one of the most popular places to take a stroll. Here you can see the Tintenpalast, home to Namibia's parliament, as well as bronze statues of some of the nation's historical heroes. The bougainvillaea-lined bowling green is particularly picturesque.

Avis Dam, on the outskirts of the city, is worth a visit if you're into bird-watching. Don't be surprised if the dam is nearly dry. Depending on the time of year that you rent a camper van in Windhoek, there may be very little water here, but plenty of birds still make their homes in this green zone.

This makes Windhoek particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

There are many great places to visit when you rent a motorhome in Windhoek. Heading south, you'll pass through the Kalahari Desert. If you stop at a lodge along the way, you'll usually find sundowner safaris organised, which are a great way to see the local wildlife. Continue to Fish River Canyon, a striking, arid landscape that's great for hiking and exploring.

You can also get into your Windhoek rental motorhome and drive west to Walvis Bay, famous for its flamingo-filled lagoon. Whale-watching is popular here from June to November, while nearby Cape Cross is home to thousands of seals all year round. This is also your gateway to the Skeleton Coast, known for its enormous dunes and windswept beaches.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Windhoek

Most roads in Namibia are gravel, so be prepared for that when you rent a motorhome in Windhoek. Don't drive at night, as many animals are nocturnal. Free camping is legal, but it's essential to obtain the landowner's permission first.

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View of Christ Church and downtown Windhoek from Parliament Park - Windhoek, Namibia

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