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Tour America’s capital

Whether you’re an American history buff or just want to explore all the nation’s capital has to offer, a trip to Washington is highly recommended. Home to many of the most popular and recognizable landmarks in America, such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and, of course, the White House. The District of Columbia is jam-packed with things to see and do.

There’s also no better way to tour America’s capital than by taking a classic American road trip with the help of a motorhome rental. Not only can you explore the District of Columbia but you’ll also have access to D.C.’s surrounding area and attractions.

Include Mount Vernon, Alexandria and the National Harbor on your motorhome holiday and get the most out of your trip to Washington D.C. To learn more about what to explore in and around the District of Columbia, read on.

Top 5 facts about the District of Columbia

  1. Washington D.C., formally known as the District of Columbia, is neither a city nor a state – it’s a federal district.
  2. In the District of Columbia, all roads lead to the Capitol Building, which is the dividing centre for all four quadrants of the city.
  3. Seattle, Washington is known for its rainy weather but it’s actually Washington D.C. that gets about two inches more precipitation per year on average.
  4. The District of Columbia hosts more than 175 foreign embassies and international cultural centres with 15 per cent of its residents able to speak a second language.
  5. The Potomac River, which is 405 miles long and also runs through Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland, is the source of drinking water for the majority of Washington D.C.

These highlights await you when you visit the District of Columbia with a motorhome

Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, The White House is possibly the most popular house in the US and the home and workplace of the President of the United States. Visitors to Washington D.C. can take tours of the building, which are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Tours are self-guided but you’ll find placards in each room with plenty of information.

The Library of Congress is another popular destination and landmark that is rich in American history. Located across three separate buildings, visitors can take free self-guided tours of the Thomas Jefferson Building with the help of digital pathways. With incredible Gilded Age architecture and several exhibits, it's the perfect place to learn about America’s history.

The United States Capitol, also known as the Capitol Building, is yet another prime tourist destination at any time of the year. As the seat of the legislative branch of the US Federal Government, like most places in Washington, the Capitol is steeped in American history. Visitors can tour the grounds here and explore the Visitor Center's Exhibition Hall to learn more.

These camper routes through the District of Columbia are a must

An easily accessible trip outside of D.C. to Mount Vernon is a natural fit for history lovers. Located about a 5-hour drive south of Washington, this landmark, and former plantation of George Washington is located on the banks of the Potomac River. Here, you can tour his 18th-century mansion and learn more about the history of this Founding Father.

A perfect destination for motorhome tourists visiting D.C., the National Harbor is just a short drive from Mount Vernon. Close to several historic sites and with plenty of places to shop, eat and have fun, the National Harbor has something for everyone. For the best views of Washington, Maryland and Virginia, take a ride on the Capital Wheel.

In the same vicinity as Mount Vernon and the National Harbor, Alexandria completes an exceptional motorhome route and day trip around the Washington, D.C. area. Known for its Old Town, which features cobblestone streets and 18th and 19th-century architecture, Alexandria is full of charming independent boutiques, restaurants and walking tours of pre-Revolution locations.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through the District of Columbia

To rent a camper van in Washington D.C., you generally need to be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s licence. Those aged 21 to 24 may be subject to additional daily fees. You must also have a major credit card to qualify for a rental.

The District of Columbia is a popular location that sees millions of foreign and domestic visitors each year due to the number of attractions and historical sites.

If you are planning to visit, it’s recommended that you book a motorhome rental as early as possible. While the District of Columbia is always a popular place to visit, this is especially relevant during the summer months when children are off school.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the District of Columbia

Equally exciting and educational, a motorhome holiday to the District of Columbia offers an interesting and fun holiday for families intending to make some memories together. With plenty of museums, monuments and exhibits, there’s no shortage of activities for everyone in D.C.

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