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The US may be a young country, but when you rent an RV in Washington, DC, you'll still find over two hundred years of history waiting for you. This is a city packed with instantly-recognisable sites, like the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building and, of course, the White House. At motorhomebookers.com, we've teamed up with some of the best rental partners in the city, so you can be sure your adventure is everything you hoped for.

When you've finished exploring the city, you can rent a motorhome in Washington, DC and set off on an epic American road trip. Visit nearby cities like Baltimore or Richmond or go inland to discover the rugged majesty of the national forests and Appalachian Trail. For an odyssey through American history and culture, head north on a road trip that will take in Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Read on, and let us tell you everything you need to know about Washington RV rentals!

Top 5 facts about Washington, DC

  1. The White House: although Washington is full of fascinating historical buildings, the official presidential residence has to be top of any itinerary.
  2. Potomac River: this mighty river runs through the city centre. Follow it to the sea to discover the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States.
  3. Traffic: Washington has traffic you'd expect from a capital city. Avoid rush hour, particularly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when it's at its worse.
  4. Eastern Seaboard road trip: head north out of Washington to follow a route that will take you through some of America's biggest and most interesting cities.
  5. Monuments and museums: no trip to the city would be complete without visiting the world-famous Smithsonian, a complex of 17 museums and galleries.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Washington, DC

When you decide to rent an RV in Washington, DC, you'll probably want to do some sightseeing. Top of the list is usually the White House, where public tours are offered in the mornings from Tuesday to Saturday. The second US president, John Adams, moved into the still-unfinished building in 1800, and every president has lived there since. As well as the White House, other hotspots include the Capitol Building, where the country's legislature meets, and the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world. Although these are working buildings, tours are available to the general public.

As well as its buildings, the US capital has many fascinating monuments. RV rentals in Washington, DC, let you see them for yourself. The impressive Lincoln Memorial depicts the 16th president in marble and has appeared in countless films and TV shows. The Washington Monument, a 555-foot obelisk, stands proudly at the National Mall. In this area, you will also find memorials to those who died in World War II, the Vietnam War and the Korean War, as well as a granite statue of Martin Luther King, Jr, who made his famous "I have a dream" speech here in 1963.

This makes Washington, DC, particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

The US East Coast is always a popular choice for history buffs. If you'd like to learn more about the country's origins, then you can rent an RV in Washington, DC and head north. Your road trip will take you first to Philadelphia, where the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall can be seen. Continue to New York City, with all its glamour and excitement. Head north from here to reach Boston, rich in revolutionary history. The full journey is about 440 miles long, with plenty of interesting stopping points along the way.

Alternatively, lovers of nature will find lots to thrill them when they rent a motorhome in Washington, DC. Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway both follow the route of the Appalachian Trail, the legendary hiking trail that runs north-south in this part of the country. To lose yourself in the mountains, park your RV in the Washington and Jefferson National Forest and go for a hike among the trees. This forest has great trails that will take you up into the Appalachian Mountains, an impressively untouched green area just 100 miles from the city.

Camper van rental: useful information for your trip to Washington, DC

As with most major capitals, Washington has several airports. The largest is Washington-Dulles, located in nearby Dulles, Virginia. BWI and DCA are smaller airports offering easy access to the city. All in all, it's very simple to reach the city and rent an RV in Washington, DC.

In this part of the country, weather conditions can be extreme. Be careful if you'd like to rent a camper van in Washington, DC, in winter. Make sure your RV is equipped to deal with heavy snowfall and ice.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Washington, DC

The US capital is always a thrilling destination because of its historical interest and modern bustle. When you rent an RV in Washington, DC, through motorhomebookers.com you can enjoy a taste of the presidential lifestyle!

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