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Chicago is the perfect starting point for a road trip that allows you to take in both urban sights and natural surroundings. If you are interested in finding out what RV rental in Chicago has to offer, then motorhomebookers.com is the place to be, with partners in Chicago that will get you on the road.

Once you have chosen where to hire an RV rental in Chicago, you will have no shortage of places to add to your itinerary when plotting your road trip. With family-friendly attractions, city nightlife, lakeside destinations and woodland retreats to choose from, Chicago has it all. Read on and see what The Windy City has in store!

Top 5 facts about Chicago

  1. The Willis Tower was completed in 1973 and was the tallest building in the world for many years.
  2. Chicago is on the shore of Lake Michigan, the only one of the Great Lakes not to cross into Canada.
  3. The proximity of Lake Michigan makes Chicago a good destination for fishing, watersports and other such activities.
  4. A scenic trip along the shore of Lake Michigan will lead to Wisconsin in the north and Indiana in the east.
  5. The Chicago Picasso sculpture is recognised as a milestone in urban art.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Chicago

Most travellers will start their Chicago RV rental journey with a trip around the city itself. Chicago is known worldwide for its city skyline, and there are many ways to sample the spectacle: take a cruise onboard Chicago's First Lady to see the architecture from below or look out from above in the 360 Chicago observatory.

If natural surroundings are more appealing to you, then you might enjoy the Garfield Park Conservatory's indoor gardens and outdoor landscaping. The Chicago Botanic Gardens are another lush destination where you can surround yourself with natural greenery — or autumnal browns and oranges, depending on when you arrive.

Chicago has something for all ages. Adults can enjoy the nightlife with destinations like the Green Mill — famous for being a favourite hangout of Al Capone — while any children in your campervan will love a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream. Families with RV rentals in Chicago will also appreciate educational destinations like Art Institute and the Field Museum.

This makes Chicago particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

When it comes to RV rental, Chicago offers two main choices in terms of destinations. One option is to take your campervan to the shore of Lake Michigan and enjoy the site and activities that come with lakeside camping. The MWR Navy Great Lakes Campground accepts motorhomes, and there are other places to park in the area.

Another option is to head away from the city into the surrounding countryside. A range of camping sites can be found in the area around Chicago, and some have the capacity for motorhome rentals. For example, the Emerald Trails Campground is a 45-minute drive from the city and offers 140 total RV and campsites, hiking, fishing and other activities.

Other potential destinations for Chicago RV rentals include Enchanted Shores RV Park and Campground, which has a range of family activities and access to golf courses, fishing spots, cinemas, bowling areas and more; and Jellystone Park, a family-oriented destination themed around Yogi Bear.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Chicago

Visitors can arrive in Chicago via multiple airports: Chicago Midway International Airport is the nearest central city, but there are others, the most prominent being the Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Various forms of public transport exist across the city, making it easy to arrive at the location of your RV rental in Chicago.

While Chicago is located a long way from central Illinois, it is a good destination for anyone taking part in a long-haul interstate journey as it is situated near the state borders of Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. It is a particularly suitable portal to the wider Great Lakes region, with Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Erie all hours away.

The main reason for most travellers to choose an RV rental in Chicago, of course, is so that they can explore the city itself. There will be more than enough sights and destinations in urban Chicago to please most visitors, but the wider countryside also has its share of unforgettable attractions.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Chicago

A trip to Chicago can put you in touch with three worlds. First is the urban buzz of the city itself; second is the sprawling shore of Lake Michigan and the range of water-based activities that it has to offer; third is the surrounding countryside, with its campsites and woodlands. An RV road trip allows you to sample all three.

If you are eager to sort out an RV rental in Chicago and start your journey, then get in touch with motorhomebookers.com to start your road trip today! Any questions you have will soon be answered!

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