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Find a magical hidden in the far north of Sweden

Love the outdoors? Why not rent a motorhome in Lulea? This city, high in the northern region of Swedish Lapland, has an archipelago with over 1000 islands, great hiking trails and magical, ancient forests. At motorhomebookers.com, we want you to have an amazing time in Lulea. That's why we've found some of the best local rental partners, helping you start your trip in the best possible way.

With your Lulea rental motorhome, adventures await! Drive along the Bothnian Bay, soaking up the solitude of its wild beaches. Explore tiny fishing villages where the traditional way of life remains unchanged. Go hiking or bird-watching in the glorious nature reserves. Read on for a guide with everything you need for a great time in Lulea!

Top 5 facts about Lulea

  1. Gammelstad Church Town: the old town of Lulea is notable for its bright red houses and charming church.
  2. Gammelstadsviken: one of the best nature reserves in the area; this is a top spot for hiking and birdwatching and has a beautiful lake.
  3. Midnight sun: Lulea is just outside the Arctic Circle, so if you visit in summer, you can expect up to 19 hours of sun a day.
  4. Lapland road trip: explore Sweden's intriguing far north with an extensive trip through the region.
  5. Local food: the locals eat reindeer, elk, cloudberries and other unusual delicacies, making this a great destination for adventurous foodies!

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Lulea

One of the top sights to see when you rent a motorhome in Lulea is Gammelstad Church Town. Church towns are unique to this part of Sweden, where the population has always been sparsely spread, and people had to travel long distances to worship, needing to stay overnight. These villages were built around a church, almost abandoned during the week but full of life at the weekend or during religious holidays. Gammelstad is the best preserved, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its charming rows of red wooden houses feel like a trip back in time.

The Lulea archipelago consists of over 1000 tiny islands, many completely uninhabited. With your Lulea rental motorhome, you'll find that some islands are populated with traditional fishing villages that feel like nothing has changed for centuries. Hiking the trails of Kluntarna and Smaskar through ancient forests will allow you to feel the essence of Swedish Lapland.

This makes Lulea particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

To make the most of Swedish Lapland, rent a camper van in Lulea and drive to Ritsem. This itinerary follows Route 97 and later the Way West. Along the way, you'll pass the village of Harads, known for its treehouses, and Mathantverket, where a unique local cheese is made. You'll cross into the Arctic Circle at Jokkmokk and admire the breathtaking snow-capped mountain of Ahkka, sacred to the Sami people.

An alternative route with your Lulea rental motorhome will let you see more of the Bothnian Bay. This is ideal for summer when you can go kayaking or even take a dip in the water. From Lulea, drive to Kangson, known for its excellent fishing, then continue to Kalix, home of artisan chocolate. In Cape East, you'll find the world's largest sauna. If you want to continue, your road trip can take you across the border into Finland.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Lulea

Your experience will depend on the time of year you rent a motorhome in Lulea. Winter is good for skiing, sledding and other snow sports, but daylight is very limited. In summer, days are extremely long, and you will need to take care when adjusting and avoid driving if you feel tired or dizzy.

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A summer evening in the city of Lulea in Norrbotten, Sweden.

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