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Sea, dreamlike national parks and wild animals

Umea is a great city to start your camping trip when visiting Sweden for an extended campervan holiday. Rent a motorhome or campervan from motorhomebookers.com in Umea and explore the vibrant and multicultural city. Umea is a beautiful city on the Ume River and serves as the capital of Vesterbotten County, north of Stockholm. Due to its strategic location and its rich history, it is a remarkable place for your camping holiday.

Get a campervan hire in Umea and explore museums, high-class shopping centres and art galleries. If you are looking for outdoor activities, visit Nydalasjon Lake and try out fishing, skiing and hiking. Read on to learn why Umea is the perfect starting point for a road trip.

Top 5 facts about Umea

  1. The Vasterbotten Museum provides history talks, art and photography.
  2. Nydalasjon Lake offers beautiful scenery, with great beaches, fishing piers and several playgrounds.
  3. The Bildmuseet museum at the front of the Ume River offers contemporary art exhibitions combined with far-reaching views of the river.
  4. The Blue Highway route passes through Sweden, and Umea is one of the cities to explore.
  5. Vintage musical instruments can be found at the Guitars Museum, which has the largest electric and bass guitars and other musical equipment collection.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Umea

Umea is the capital of Vasterbotten County, situated near the Ume River. The city is an upcoming tourist location with beautiful scenery, green spaces and pristine surroundings. With a campervan hire in Umea, you can explore the culturally vibrant city and visit the Gulf of Bothnia, sprinkled with islands and Norrbyskar archipelagos. Lake Nydalasjon provides a tranquil environment to sunbathe or swim at the beaches.

A short distance from Umea is a fresh wooded parkland on the banks of the Ume River with beautiful scenery to explore. Despite the impressive natural wonders, don’t overlook the top attractions in Umea, like Guitar or Outdoor County museum. You can also visit the Bildmuseet contemporary art museum.

This makes Umea particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

On your campervan trip, visit the Vasterbotten Museum, which hosts various displays of the Vasterbotten cultural heritage. Aside from artefacts, you can find contemporary art pieces and photographs. On your art tour, remember to visit the Bildmuseet contemporary art venue. It displays sculptures, paintings, photography and graffiti. Alternatively, explore the staggering sculptures at Umedalen Skulpturpark. View over 40 sculptures or enjoy the green landscape with stunning northern pines.

A campervan hire in Umea allows you to explore the green spaces in the city. Bolesholmarna is the perfect place for outdoor activities and features two islets. The larger island, Grona Oxen, provides swimming and fishing spots. You can also marvel at the beauty of the outdoors in Arboretum Norr, perched on the southern part of the Ume River.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Umea

Before you get a campervan hire in Umea, you should find a suitable time of the year to visit. For instance, summers are the best for campervan trips, and you can travel between June and September. The summer weather is perfect for fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

You can hire a campervan in Umea if you are above 21 years and have a valid driver’s licence. Wild camping is allowed in Umea, but you cannot camp in nature reserves or private properties without permission. Umea is in Northern Sweden, making it a strategic location for exploring the Arctic Circle.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Umea

Umea provides a good mix of urban life, nature’s gifts and history. If you love art or outdoor activities, a campervan hire in Umea gives you the luxury of a lovely getaway in a beautiful city and beyond. Contact motorhomebookers.com to get started on your way!

The Church in Umea, Sweden and the river.

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