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What is waiting for you when you rent an RV in Oregon? More than you might expect! This state is still largely rural, and it's a paradise for any lovers of the great outdoors. From the volcanic majesty of Crater Lake to the natural hot springs at Bagby, there's always something new to discover. That's even before you visit the city of Portland, famous for its quirky, off-beat vibe. Check out the rental partners motorhomebookers.com have found to make your Oregon RV adventure easy to organise.

You'll find it easy to plan a road trip when you rent a motorhome in Oregon. Choose whether you want to stay inland and explore the Pacific Northwest's green forests and towering mountains or head for the coast instead. Oregon's wild, windswept beaches are far removed from the golden sands of California and are ideal for the adventurous traveller. Read on to learn more about the Beaver State and plan your own perfect itinerary!

Top 5 facts about Oregon

  1. Portland: Oregon's state capital is Salem, but Portland is by far its biggest city. It's famous for its massive green parks and dozens of local craft breweries.
  2. Crater Lake sits in the crater of the collapsed volcano, Mount Mazama. Almost 2,000 feet deep, its blue waters are breathtakingly beautiful. It even has a tiny island at its centre.
  3. Snow: although Oregon's winters aren't as harsh as in other states, make sure your RV is prepared for snowfall if you're visiting in winter.
  4. Oregon coast road trip: Oregon's coastline stretches for 360 miles along the Pacific. The curving, sinuous highway gives you clear views of beaches, cliffs and the water.
  5. The largest living organism on Earth: visit Malheur National Forest and drive on top of this enormous fungus, which stretches for 3.5 square miles just under the ground.

These highlights await you when you visit Oregon with a motorhome

Most people who rent an RV in Oregon will want to visit Portland, the state's largest city. Famous for its quirky sights, Portland has features like the Woodstock Mystery Hole, the Door That's Never Been Opened, and the Peculiarium, a museum dedicated to all things creepy and weird. Spend a day exploring these wacky sights, or go for something more relaxing and head to one of Portland's many craft breweries.

In the Blue Mountains, Malheur National Forest is a great stop on your Oregon RV rental adventure. You'll see clusters of tiny yellow mushrooms as you hike through the woods. These are the only visible part of the giant fungus that lives just below the surface of these woods. While there, you can also go for a dip in the still waters of Magone Lake or admire the rare wildlife in Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.

Want to relax? Rent an RV in Oregon and drive to Bagby Hot Springs. These unusual hot springs have 10-foot-long wooden bathtubs, ideal for individual soaking and relaxation. If you're feeling more sociable, there are also group tubs. The water here is hot all year round, so Bagby is a particularly popular destination during Oregon's chilly winter months.

These camper routes through Oregon are a must

Lovers of the ocean can rent an RV in Oregon and head straight for the coast. The adventure begins in Ecola State Park, which has great hiking trails and one of the state's best scenic lookouts. It's ideal for taking in a sunset before starting the drive south. Stop in secluded beaches like the wild Arch Cape or the birdwatcher's paradise of Cape Meares. You'll find Oregon's hottest spot for whale watching in Depoe Bay. You can stop here to see if you can catch a glimpse of these gentle aquatic giants before continuing to Yaquina Head Lighthouse and the Sea Lion Caves. This itinerary is a great choice for anyone who wants to get away from it all.

If you'd rather rent a motorhome in Oregon and stay close to Portland, there are some great loops to follow in the area. Head to Mount Hood, Oregon's highest mountain. Dozens of different trails offer routes to the top, with something to suit everyone from the novice to the experienced hiker. Continue to Silver Falls State Park, which, as the name suggests, is a great spot for admiring beautiful waterfalls. This is just a warm up, as the next day, you'll head to the Columbia River Gorge, where the spectacular Multnomah Falls creates a curtain of spray. From here, you can continue south to the awe-inspiring Crater Lake.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Oregon

Free camping is common in Oregon's national forests. As almost 50% of the state is public land, you'll find that Oregon RV rentals give you plenty of places to park and spend the night.

Be careful if you rent an RV in Oregon in winter. Snow is common here. Although not as heavy as in other states, it can lead to road closures and other problems, so ensure your motorhome is equipped for potentially hazardous weather. The state has some great ski spots, which can make it an attractive winter choice for snow lovers. Just stay safe.

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Discover the rolling green mountains and windswept coasts when you rent an RV in Oregon via motorhomebookers.com. Adventure is calling!

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