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Pennsylvania, located in the northeast, is the perfect destination to explore with an RV. Get an RV rental in Pennsylvania from motorhomebookers.com and take a road trip across the state. You can plan an itinerary that connects Mid-Atlantic with the Great Lake Areas. Known for its diverse terrain, Pennsylvania is a thrilling destination for nature lovers with various farmlands, forests and rugged terrains to enjoy.

With its historical significance at the end of the British Colonial Empire, history buffs can take a trip to Philadelphia to see where the country began. The Liberty Bell is an enduring symbol of American freedom. Aside from the larger cities, artistic towns offer insight into history, culture and museums.

After discovering the place's history and culture, enjoy the Keystone state's outdoors. Pennsylvania boasts beautiful countryside with splendid mountain ranges and farmlands. You will also find Amish farms, state parks and gardens to explore from your RV rental. For instance, Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh is a world-class botanic garden and a delightful historical attraction.

If you plan to get an RV rental in Pennsylvania, ensure you stop by Indian Echo Caverns, a short drive from Hummelstown.

Top 5 facts about Pennsylvania

  1. The Presque Isle State Park is a must-visit destination set on a sandy peninsula and juts into Lake Erie.
  2. Go for a wildlife viewing trip at the Philadelphia Zoo to see African lions, leopards and pumas in their natural habitat.
  3. Follow the trails that start at Valley Forge National Historical Park, go through the National Memorial Arch, and have various exhibits.
  4. Enjoy the architectural splendour as you explore the largest art collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  5. Make sure you visit the Independence National Park, an iconic historical area that houses the Liberty Bell.

These highlights await you when you visit Pennsylvania with a motorhome

Whether looking for diverse terrains or unique historical locations, getting an RV rental in Pennsylvania is the perfect way to explore at your pace. Pennsylvania is known for its diversity and plenty of attractions for RV campers. You can explore rugged and diverse terrains like farmlands and beautiful botanical gardens. Hersheypark is the perfect outdoor spot to enjoy quiet walks.

You can also explore the natural beauty of flowers combined with artworks and exhibits at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The Presque Isle State Park offers incredible outdoor adventure with many excursions. You can hike the walking trails to the marina and the beaches or bird watch. The beaches are ideal for boating and swimming.

If you are a history fanatic, your RV vacation is incomplete without visiting the Gettysburg National Military Park, which explores the area's history. Artefacts are available for viewing, and you can take guided tours of the Battlefield. Campgrounds are usually available on-site, and you can explore in your own time.

The cities in Pennsylvania you should visit with your camper van!

Stopping by the Liberty Bell is a requirement for your RV trip in Pennsylvania. Take an RV rental in Pennsylvania and head to the Independence National Park in Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell. You should also take a tour of the park for a chance to see the Declaration of Independence sign or read the original draft of the constitution. The Benjamin Franklin Museum is in the park with interactive exhibits to explore. When you are in Philadelphia, the RV Parking and Campus Park is the only campground.

If you are a fan of ghost towns, RV rental in Pennsylvania allows you to visit the creepy town of Centralia, which was a mining village that experienced a rapid population decline due to a coal mine fire that still burns. Underneath the streets were mining fields of anthracite coal in the 18th and 19th centuries. When you visit the town, you can camp south of the ghost town in a quaint Camp-a-While campground.

Presque Isle is the only place in Pennsylvania where you will find a coastline. It is a peninsula of Lake Erie with 13 sandy beaches across the 3,200-acre park. You can boat or swim near the coastline. If you love watching birds, the park has over 340 species.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Pennsylvania

Hiring an RV rental in Pennsylvania is the best way to enjoy your trip. The state has fewer restrictions on campers than some others, making it perfect for RV trips. The main restriction is on the age limit; you cannot rent an RV without meeting the age threshold of 25 years. However, Pennsylvania allows wild camping in state forests, state recreation spots and wilderness areas. There is no limit to the camping days you can spend in an area.

Due to the drastic weather changes in Pennsylvania, the best time for your RV camping trip is from the end of April to July. The rain and snow are minimal during those months. Unfortunately, summers are usually busy, and camping grounds can be crowded. Spring is a great time to visit if you prefer a cooler climate.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Pennsylvania

Are you ready to hit the road for your RV camping trip? Get your RV rental in Pennsylvania from motorhomebookers.com and start planning your itinerary. You can hire a motorhome, travel trailer or campervan and pick it up in Philadelphia. Get in touch with us today and get your RV adventure underway!

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