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Rent a motorhome in Southern Sweden

A taste of the Swedish Lapland

Renting a motorhome in Southern Sweden is good if you want to explore the region on an extended road trip. It is a popular way to see Southern Sweden's natural landscapes and to visit its towns and cities. You can explore Southern Sweden at your own pace when you rent a motorhome. This includes stopping at your favourite attractions for as long as you want. Finding the right model for your holiday is easy when you book through motorhomebookers.com rental partners in Southern Sweden.

Camping is a popular outdoor activity in Southern Sweden. Other popular activities include kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking and cycling. There are also many campsites where you can park overnight or for a longer stay. The region is served by well-maintained roads that make it easy to move from one point to the next.

This article will tell you why Southern Sweden is one of the most beautiful destinations for a camper van holiday and which routes you should not miss in Southern Sweden.

Top 5 facts about Southern Sweden

  1. 75 per cent of the surface area in Åsnen National Park in Sweden is water.
  2. During the summer months, the night only lasts around four hours in Southern Sweden.
  3. Campers can expect a region that is ideal for motorhome travel when they visit Southern Sweden.
  4. The Malmö round-trip is a camper van route that runs through Karlskrona and the medieval town of Ystad.
  5. The Ale's Stones, or "Ales stenar", form an ancient stone circle in Sweden that is similar to the well-known Stonehenge in the UK.

These highlights await you when you visit Southern Sweden with a motorhome

Notable points of interest await you when you rent a motorhome in Southern Sweden for an extended road trip. They include the following.

Gothenburg is a modern city that is a popular point of interest for travellers in the region. It is home to the largest amusement park in Scandinavia. The city's downtown area has many restaurants and cafés that serve varied cuisine.

Malmö is another city in Southern Sweden that is frequently visited by travellers who rent a motorhome. Cycling is a popular activity in this region that is located close to Denmark.

The Biosphere Reserve Area located in Vättern is a popular destination for paddle boarding, canoeing, boat tours and outdoor cooking in Southern Sweden. Many of its natural features are a result of the events of the last ice age.

Located in Stockholm, the Vasa Museum focuses on maritime history. It is one of the region's most popular historical attractions. The collections housed there include a 17th-century ship that is almost intact.

The Drottningholm Palace is located near Stockholm. The palace is the residence of the royal family of Sweden. It dates to the 16th century and is one of Southern Sweden's most popular attractions.

Malmö Castle is located on a small island fortress. Dating to the Renaissance, the castle currently serves as a home for natural history and art museums. It is also open to the public for tours.

Stockholm's Djurgården area is known for its restaurants and cafés. Running and cycling are popular activities here.

Stenshuvud National Park is south of Kivik. It features landscapes that include beaches, marshes, headland and woodland. Visitors to the park can also hike to a ruined hill fort dating to the 6th century.

First discovered in 1988, Trelleborgen is a 9th-century Viking ring fortress that is a popular attraction with visitors to Southern Sweden.

These camper routes through Southern Sweden are a must

The varied scenery of Southern Sweden makes it a popular option with motorhome campers. Suggested routes you can follow when you rent a motorhome in Southern Sweden include the following.

The South Sweden camper van route also takes you into neighbouring Demark for a short time. The route begins and ends in Malmö and takes you through areas that include Copenhagen, Ystad, Karlskrona and Helsingborg. Notable points of interest along the way include Jakriborg, Ales Stenar, Stenshuvud National Park and Drottningskärs Kastell.

The Kinsarvik–Vossevangen–Bergen camper van route will take you past Lake Mälaren and the historic town of Linköping. Other points of interest include the Göta Canal. There are opportunities for hiking and boating along the route.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Southern Sweden

Wild camping in Southern Sweden is legal as long as the rules are followed. When you rent a motorhome in the region, you should not stay in one location for more than two nights. You also cannot set up near a house or on farmland. The minimum age to rent a motorhome in Southern Sweden is usually 21. June and July are the best months to rent a motorhome for a road trip that allows you to enjoy camping and outdoor activities in the region.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Southern Sweden

Southern Sweden offers diverse landscapes you can explore when renting a camper van. Campground recommendations for the region include Alholmens Bad & Camping, near Karlshamn, Borrbystrands Camping and Caravan Club Norrvikens Camping, on the Bjäre Peninsula. You can conveniently rent a motorhome in Göteborg and Stockholm when you contact motorhomebookers.com. It is a great way to explore Southern Sweden on your own terms and enjoy some home comforts along the way.

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