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Scandinavian cosiness, great nature and the roaring sea

If you are planning a tour of Southern Sweden, start your holiday in Göteborg. Get a campervan hire in Göteborg from the motorhomebookers.com trusted partners there and visit the sprawling city along the extensive coastline and shore of the Gota River. Göteborg offers lovely islands, quaint beaches and historical sites. A motorhome allows you to explore the blissful parks or drive around the beautiful lake district.

Some must-see historical landmarks on your motorhome holiday include traces of the city wall and fortification at Esperantoplatsen or the Skansen Kronan fortress. You can also visit the shopping centres and enjoy Swedish seafood delicacies at Feskekorka, an indoor fish and shellfish marketplace. If you are looking for outdoor places to visit, check out the campervan holiday guide below for exciting activities.

Top 5 facts about Göteborg

  1. The Göteborg Museum of Art offers artworks from the 15th century and contemporary pieces.
  2. The Goteborg archipelago and the collection of islands provide stunning natural landscapes.
  3. Slottsskogen Park has pristine green spaces where you can spot deer, penguins and seals in the mini zoo.
  4. A recommended drive is the lake district route, which connects Delsjon lakes with Mölndal-based Lake Rådasjön and Lake Stensjön.
  5. The botanical garden in Göteborg is a great place to walk around and look at the most extensive collection of tropical orchids and various plant species.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Göteborg

Göteborg is the perfect place to start your extended holiday in Sweden. Get a campervan hire in Göteborg and explore the famous city for foodies with world-class seafood and a magnificent coastline. Despite being a maritime city, there are diverse attractions to explore on your motorhome holiday. For instance, you can visit the Göteborg Museum of Art and marvel at the collection of Nordic art and French collections.

Göteborg's sprawling botanical garden in the city centre has a collection of plants and orchids. You can explore the arboretum and nature reserve or stop by the rock garden waterfall. Ensure you also stop by Liseberg and enjoy the greenery and woodland surrounding the area. It is also a thriving museum park with high-tech rides.

This makes Göteborg particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

With your campervan hire in Göteborg, visit the green spaces in the city by exploring the Linne area. It is a beautiful part of the city with the Botanical Garden and the Slottskogen. You should also watch out for the Landshovdingshusen, the governor’s house only found in Göteborg. Since Göteborg is close to the coastline, you have plenty of exciting sites to explore. You can visit the archipelago and take boat trips around Branno, Vrango and Styrso islands.

Alternatively, visit the lakes of Mölndal for swimming or fishing. Around Lake Mölndal, you can stop by Castle Gunnebo to marvel at the beautiful architecture. The best way to experience Göteborg is to drive around the best sites in your motorhome or take your bike and explore the parks and nature reserves.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Göteborg

Göteborg is an exciting place to visit on your motorhome holiday as you traverse Southern Sweden. You have plenty of museums and nature reserves to visit. Besides, the Göteborg archipelago provides the best attractions in the region, with beautiful fishing villages and quaint beaches. You can start your campervan trip in Scandinavia or Sweden at Göteborg due to the proximity to airports and ferry terminals. You can also access the city easily, thanks to access to train stations with direct trains from Copenhagen.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Göteborg

Visit Göteborg in a campervan or caravan to experience the region's history and beautiful outdoor spaces. The quaint beaches in the archipelago provide a place to relax before continuing your journey through Sweden. Get your campervan rental in Göteborg through motorhomebookers.com and start your trip!

This picture shows a sunset from the bridge Stora Hamnkanalen. Göteborg (Sweden).

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