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Rent a motorhome in Western Australia

Travel through the untouched vastness of the continent

If you are hoping to hire a campervan for a road trip in Western Australia, then you have come to the right article. The state offers some of the best sights in all of Australia, from urban Perth to the outback, and we are here to show you just what you can see and experience with a campervan hire.

motorhomebookers.com aims to provide advice on your campervan rental, from the best cities to hire a motorhome to the wondrous sights you can explore.

Exactly which destinations you visit with your campervan hire will be down to you, but we hope to help you plan the dream Western Australia motorhome rental adventure.

Top 5 facts about Western Australia

  1. Perth's Central Park building is the tallest in Western Australia and is a popular sight for the city's visitors.
  2. Shell Beach is famed for its white sand, comprised of tiny cockle shells that stretch down for nearly 10 metres.
  3. A camper in Western Australia can expect both picturesque coastal sites and arid outback regions.
  4. A motorhome hire in Perth can take a scenic camping trail north along the Coral Coast.
  5. A camper can stay at Big Bell, one of Australia's genuine ghost towns.

These highlights await you when you visit Western Australia with a motorhome

One of the main attractions in Western Australia is the Coral Coast. Spanning more than 680 miles in length and culminating in Perth at its southernmost point, the Coral Coast offers an unbeatable opportunity for any seaside motorhome trip. Visitors can catch sight of marine life at Ningaloo Reef, admire the picturesque gorges of Karijini National Park and more.

Another option is to take your motorhome into Western Australia's Golden Outback. While the region has a reputation for being off the beaten track, you will still find sites to park your campervan rental, like the colonial-style cottages of Wave Rock Resort. Outback sights include Mount Augustus, located north of Perth, which is larger than Uluru.

Other ideal destinations for a Western Australia campervan hire are the state's many national parks. Purnululu National Park is home to the distinctive formations of the Bungle Bungles. For a more aquatic setting, visit Geikie Gorge National Park, where you can take a cruise down the Fitzroy River. Kalbarri National Park offers gorge hiking, bushwalking and more.

The cities in Western Australia you should visit with your camper van!

No road trip in Western Australia would be complete without visiting Perth. Hire a motorhome here, and you will have a wealth of attractions to explore. Kings Park and Botanic Garden are a must for visitors who enjoy being surrounded by nature. Lovers of urban architecture can take in some of the most iconic skylines in Australia.

While Perth is by some distance the biggest city in Western Australia, there are plenty of other towns and cities to take your campervan hire. The state's second-most populous city, Bunbury, is where visitors can see animals at the Bunbury Wildlife Park, discover artistic treasures at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, or enjoy the rocky spectacle of Back Beach.

Geraldton is another worthy destination. Educational attractions here include the Museum of Geraldton and the Greenough Museum and Gardens, while younger travellers in your motorhome will love the Greenough Wildlife & Bird Park. A campervan hire in Western Australia can even put you in touch with a ghost town via the Cossack Heritage trail: a true journey into Australia's history.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Western Australia

As with the rest of Australia, the minimum age to carry out a campervan hire in Australia is typically 21, though certain suppliers will allow a customer as young as 18 to hire if they have an extra bond. While some companies allow the rental to be paid with a debit card, most will insist on a credit card.

If you plan to take a trip into the outback, make sure that the area you visit is suitable for a motorhome. If the terrain becomes rugged, it will be suitable only for a camper with four-wheel drive. Stay on the safe roads, and your campervan hire should be appropriate.

Also, remember that many areas in Australia's countryside are sacred to the Aboriginal people. If you are visiting by motorhome, treat the surroundings with respect and keep your campervan on approved trails to avoid disturbing one of Australia's sacred sites. Any camper uncertain about such matters would be best off staying in Perth or other cities

Rent a motorhome now and discover Western Australia

Whether you want to stay in the area of Perth or hope to take a trip further afield, Western Australia has plenty to offer anyone hoping to hire a motorhome. You can arrange your rental in Perth or Broome and then embark on an adventure, taking your motorhome between the glistening sea and the warm and sunny outback.

Western Australia is simply too vast to condense into a few choice locations, but we hope that our article has given you some ideas for where to take your campervan hire. If you need more information on motorhome rentals in Western Australia, why not get in touch with motorhomebookers.com? We know all there is to know about how to hire a campervan in Western Australia!

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