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Discover the beaches of Perth

To experience Australia to the fullest, a trip to the Western state is essential for its unique perspective. While the east coast is home to major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the landscape of Western Australia is more sparse and remote, perfect for a motorhome holiday.

A city like Perth is a standout for its laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere, but it also offers motorhome rentals for a much grander adventure along the western coastline and beyond.

To find out what makes starting a road trip from Perth in a camper van rental so wonderful, we at motorhomebookers.com have compiled an overview of the city and its highlights for you. You'll find our rental partners in Perth for convenient camper van pickups.

Top 5 facts about Perth

  1. With an average of over eight hours of sun each day year-round, Perth experiences more sunshine than any other Australian capital.
  2. Quokkas, the small marsupials known as “the world’s happiest animals”, can only be found in the bushland surrounding Perth and Rottnest Island.
  3. Perth is home to Kings Park, the biggest inner-city park in the world, which is larger than even Central Park in New York City.
  4. At over 2,100 kilometres from Adelaide, the nearest city, Perth is known as one of the most isolated cities in the world.
  5. Perth is so isolated that it’s easier to fly to Bali than to Sydney on the east coast of Australia.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Perth

Kings Park is the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia, with over five million visitors each year. It’s also the largest inner-city park in the world and home to the Western Australian Botanic Garden. With countless walking trails, including the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, gorgeous wildflowers and scenic views of the city.

Located outside the central business district, Hillarys Boat Harbour is another of Perth’s most iconic tourist destinations. Watch the boats in the harbour, stroll along the boardwalk or take a dip: the choice is yours. You’ll also find plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and even an aquarium here for fun with the whole family.

Fremantle Markets is a public market and visitor attraction just 20 kilometres outside of Perth. A great place for shopping, this traditional market sells everything from clothing and leather goods to flowers and fresh produce. With plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, it’s best suited as a day-trip destination when visiting Perth.

This makes Perth particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

While Perth is a prime destination when you are visiting Western Australia, it’s even better when combined with a motorhome holiday that includes other regions like Francois Peron National Park.

Located on the Peron Peninsula just over 700 kilometres north of Perth, Francois Peron National Park is unmistakable for its red dunes and the turquoise water of Shark Bay. With breathtaking views of coastal cliffs and plenty of wildlife, an RV trip to the park is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors.

If you travel north of Shark Bay along the coastline, you’ll eventually find yourself at Cape Range National Park near Exmouth.

Part of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, Cape Range is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, echidnas and wallabies. It also offers all sorts of activities by which you can experience the raw natural beauty of the area first-hand, like hiking, fishing, swimming and more.

However, if you’re visiting Western Australia for pristine beaches, look no further than Busselton. A two-and-a-half hour drive south of Perth along the coast will lead you to the popular holiday destination where you can swim and soak up the sun amid the seaside atmosphere.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Perth

To rent a motorhome in Perth, you must be at least 21 years of age. While a select few rental companies may rent to those aged 18 and older, renters may be subject to additional daily fees. You will also need a major credit card to qualify for a motorhome rental.

A valid driver’s licence is also required to rent, though you do not need to possess a special licence to drive a recreational vehicle. However, if you have a licence that is not in English, you may need to provide an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Perth

If you’re travelling to Western Australia for its sunshine and beaches, a visit to Perth won’t disappoint. A cultural hub and a place where sandy beaches meet the city, Perth offers visitors everything they need for an exciting vacation. But it’s only the beginning.

A camper van rental in Perth will take you beyond the reaches of the city and deep into the Western Australian landscape, where you’ll find adventure at every turn.

To book an RV for a trip around Perth, visit motorhomebookers.com for information about pricing, vehicle availability and dates.

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