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Discover grand natural landscapes

Yukon is a territory famed for its natural beauty. With no big cities, it offers the perfect opportunity to escape Canada's urban sprawl and explore rural towns and retreats in the wilderness. Make no mistake, an RV rental in Yukon offers a great way to get in touch with nature.

But with so many spectacular destinations scattered throughout this rich and fascinating territory, how do you begin planning a road trip? With our article, we at motorhomebookers.com aim to give you all the suggestions you need. We also have some premier advice on the process of booking motorhomes with partners based in Yukon.

Top 5 facts about Yukon

  1. The territory's capital, Whitehorse, traces its history back to the Klondike Gold Rush and has several buildings and attractions related to that era.
  2. Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada and the second-highest peak in all of North America is accessible to travellers visiting Yukon.
  3. Campers in Yukon can expect magnificent views of the Brooks Range mountains.
  4. The Auriol Trail will take you through Kluane National Park, a scenic area with wildflowers, wildlife and mountain views.
  5. Whitehorse takes its name from the White Horse Rapids in the Yukon River. Although the river no longer exists, visitors can still see Schwatka Lake, a reservoir created by the river's dams.

These highlights await you when you visit Yukon with a motorhome

One natural sight that you can experience with a Yukon RV rental is the aurora borealis. Visible for several months of the year, particularly in mid-winter, this spectacular phenomenon lights up the night sky. Kluane, Campbell, Klondike and the Whitehorse region are among the campervan-friendly areas providing good views.

Even if you don't arrive in time to see the aurora borealis, the Kluane National Park is still well worth a visit. The park is located in the Yukon mountains and is home to Canada's highest peak, Mount Logan. The park is accessible to motorhomes, and visitors can admire the glaciers by river or hike through woodlands with picturesque mountain views.

One more natural attraction in Yukon that we would like to point out is Miles Canyon. Adjacent to multiple campsites that accommodate motorhomes, including Caribou RV Park and Pioneer RV Park & Campground, Miles Canyon offers anyone with an RV rental in Yukon the opportunity to see the spectacular river and imposing basalt rocks from the canyon-spanning suspension bridge.

These camper routes through Yukon are a must

When it comes to journeys via Yukon RV rentals, the starting point is likely to be the territory's capital city of Whitehorse. The city provides easy access to some of Yukon's best natural sights, including Emerald Lake and Miles Canyon, alongside unique attractions of its own. Visitors can see indigenous artwork at the MacBride Museum or climb aboard the S.S. Klondike.

Once you have arranged your campervan rental and seen what Whitehorse has to offer, you can reach the Carcross Desert in less than an hour by driving south. The remnant of a glacial lake that existed long ago makes this desert a good spot for hiking and provides views of the nearby mist-shrouded mountains. Bennett Lake is within walking distance.

Another camping trail that can be accessed with a Yukon RV rental is the Grizzly Lake trail. This will afford a variety of natural spectacles, including Mount Monolith and Grizzly Valley, both located at one end of the trail. The other end is open to campers, though you will need a permit if you plan to spend the night there.

Camper van hire: Useful information for a trip through Yukon

Before you commit to your RV rental in Yukon, here is some useful information to bear in mind. As with the rest of Canada, you will need to be at least 21 years old to book motorhome rentals. In addition, you will need to have held a valid driving licence for at least a full year.

While language barriers can sometimes be an issue when travelling in Canada for people who speak English but not French, this will not be a problem in Yukon as the overwhelming majority of the population speaks English. That said, visitors should be respectful towards the tribal land of the indigenous people who form almost a quarter of Yukon's population.

Wild camping on public land in Yukon is allowed by the authorities, but you will always need to make sure if the land is indeed public. Private land, including First Nations land, is off-limits to campers unless they obtain relevant permission. You are also expected to keep your camp a reasonable distance from any roads.

Rent a motorhome now and discover Yukon

As we have shown, an RV rental in Yukon will open the door to a world of adventure. You can head out into natural surroundings or explore the history of Canada's rural towns dating from the Gold Rush. Either way, we've suggested some great locations to visit. Now you can book a motorhome in Whitehorse and plan your road trip!

If you still have questions about booking RV rentals and taking a trip through Yukon, you have no need to worry. At motorhomebookers.com, we aim to set your mind at ease and give you all the information you need when booking an RV rental in Yukon. Simply get in touch, and our professional team will be happy to help!

Yukon: Rental stations for campers and motorhomes

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